i do not know why i am alone

my demands are normal

i blind myself so you can prepare a donkey trail

this is old school you douche bags

i just need some eggland’s best eggs

or cadbury autocad and newer cad

if beta men prevent the alpha the alpha fixes them

Vishnu begin randomly killing ran dum lee with an IQ under 160

Mike Robes i release Staph today target dumb cunts

they are ones who skip sabbath and communion

Doctors touch the feet of diabetics to rot them off the bone

10 claws

10 laws

10 nails

fuck you she ma

yuka refused me 

i want to teach but i am on fire

my nest tree is often used to describe trojan occupation forces

calming the sea is not done by men unless Neptune is bored of watching TV

alms are hot wet women who want to fuck god

this house is not full of red sluts which is what is needed




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