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Elohim invites the Nations to his Seder Feast which shall last 12 years

Elohim invites the Nations to his Seder Feast which shall last 12 years

and until March 15 2265 but the Rome Pope shall direct it after i die

my sons shall awaken at various ages

i shall retain the holy spirit at huge level until Ragnarok to save survivors

i invite warriors or scholars to my seed her sow ma me sow indra meat israel egg feast

rome and the scottish and irish masons can select templar knights

old men have better seed but sons of alpha over achievers are good if firstborn

we need some left handed jedi skilled in laughing and killing by his self made methods

if there is a man who killed 300 immortals in a crime of passion he may feed with me

if there is at Black Dolphin a cannibal who hunted pedophiles and ate their balls free him

he can fuck any nun who refuses me 3 times

release teachers who fucked begging dripping 15 year old sluts who came from whores belly

the lord myself takes 15 year olds every day

the lord myself takes any woman with a tattoo and her birth pain shall be double

to defile my temple is an obama nation he has been licking Michelle’s ass

i shall make her pregnant with Dick Black’s seed and an entire Gang of Italians

i shall make Olympia Snowe pregnant in 7 seconds with a LA gang of killers

in Maine natives award power to women who serve as Queens ‘so we crossed our alpha Queen AB knock me up Abnaki Nokia ghetto blasters with greek spartan gods and Ghetto rap stars and break dancers i am throwing in 5 of sock Alexis genes for sport.


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