AL Malik prevents his children from fighting

AL Malik prevents his children from fighting

Dea is his little one 

she gave me an idea

i thus placed a Christ in her she is young 

gestation shall last until she is 15 when she shall appear pregnant

her hunger shall increase at 14 i shall allow my son in her to heal her

she shall develop breasts  early

she should eat kosher food

each nation i took 10,000 7 year old children unless they did not have enough

in nineva all used nap kins shall have 9 daughters in ninevah

i asked to go to mecca but i was denied and convicted and tied up in a torture clinic

there shall be 7 women for each man

thus women shall rule supreme while men shall have patriarchal power

any powerful woman wanting a child must submit to a harem and name her god

or they can lose all power and glory and become dust and be forgotten

love is a bag of water surrounding my children

holy water

catch holy water in a dish and screen it through cotton in a flask

let each priest drink 1 ounce of holy water

let each parent drink 1 ounce of holy water

let each doctor drink 1 ounce of holy water

anoint people in the lobby with a tiny drop of holy water

add some to a vat of poland spring water or lourde’s water from france

there is a mineral spring Michael my brother swam in it is holy

place some holy water into the top most spring of the Ganges River

if i have 200 easter island statues i can al sow use them for healing

each nation purchase a statue from Easter island the face of Allah Elohim Brahma

Buddha has 1000 faces 

Supreme Gods ( father i am) has 10,000 faces today

place the statues up high not low do not be idle and lazy 

they can heal and make cows pregnant

one day a farmer lost his bull so i said bring the cows to the blue stones in the circle

he did as i asked and they all gave birth to three calves a trinity

stonehenge shall be a convergence of 333 trillion star burst and skittles junior mints

if you wait too long you cannot be blessed i demand punk chew all obedience

if i say bow down and kiss the Earth at 6 AM i expect it done or i shall allow 1 hair stem mite to live on your scalp if you are stubborn like dan the dumb dog dan da ruff occurs

this is the word of the lord

that he who skips prayer time shall have insects sucking blood from their fall lick culls



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