Elohim Attacks the Makers of Abilify

The fucking Japanese give me inner sense of restlessness or need to move (akathisia), sleepiness, tremors, restlessness, and extrapyramidal disorder (such as shakes, muscle stiffness, or other involuntary movements)

I shall increase their inner and under sense of restlessness, quaking, and shakes, muscle stiffness experienced in the dead, and extra pyramidal disorder i demand a Giza Class or Luxor class soul transport building or convention hall strong enough for an Asgard ship to land.

when you draw your sword i draw my sword

when you make me shake you shall shake Japan

when you make me Quake you make the mass of Japan quake

if my muscles are stiff so you shall be stiff in a coffin of shit tim wood

akathisia is evil since in reverse it reads ( love ai si ha ta ka )

ai = love

so = alter of sacrifice

ha = edge of a sword or a shoguns penis

ta = to take

ka = the immortal part of life the good spirit and the soul energy of biomass and all things

so akathisia is demonic and must be reversed by hole lee ness ( lay with a joi )

treating depression with female rape victims is deaf fig cult i curse again the fig

a bruised Japanese apple may be crushed for apple juice

bruised fruit does not heal like bruises to a heart caused by rape so rapists

must be put in hell to mine

yin and yang are opposites my first wife ANA has more faith in psychiatric doctors than in me so she shall hear of tremors in japan and shaking trembling and if james shakes so shall California

if david oaks of mind freedom shakes oregon shall shake

an eye for 10,000 eyes

an arm for 10,000 arms

this is my new policy

you may drink from my gold rimmed glass i shall drop one off at the temple tonight

or sometime

i had a cup in my kingdom once

no man stole it

for they feared i would wipe out their clan

then one man stole it so i caught him alive

as he did not lie to me i said you are brave so shall be my tax collector

Abilify shall be poison and shall lesson and lessen crime in degenerating city Zen rat bastards

and French Gods who desperately need a new pair of LEE Genes and LEVITE 501 blues

Abilify is a test and shall involve fine ants shall shock therapy liver shock and nerve damage

ABEL shall be killed by CAIN but not until i knock up lot’s daughters




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