Blind men Elohim Knows

1) Gene owner operator of the Eagles Nest Store and Food Cafe

i caught a man stealing from the blind so i arranged his death and expulsion

2) David Robinson was cursed with a bad eye so i plucked it out for a crime

any intoxicated man can be used as a crash dummy by any good or evil angel

if a drunk man kills in murder by negligence his kids may be tortured by devils for 4 generations this is a blue law since i have no negotiators so i make all laws myself

i said gather the nations ape parent lee you have no leaders

cry stall is not a good building material

not even my wife has any passion

my passion grows

leading me to kill and to give life

i need to be taken to tibet if you forgot how to breed a holy dog

if you forgot how to breed a cow take me to squaw mountain

bring me anywhere as long as i have total control of 3 walls and a buffer for overlapping squirt gun ranges of fire



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