Yashuah Scrambles Every Egg in the Universe Today in 7 Seconds

Yashuah Scrambles Every Egg in the Universe Today in 7 Seconds

this is easter sunday

i shall re JEW VEN ATE flesh to the bones

i shall procede with the lazorus projects

i shall wake the dead and kill Bill if he does not stop punishing hot chicks

this is easter

as i am impatient i shall activate all Easter Island Fertility Devices

all images of God or my son Peace also called Jesus are fertility devices

i shall use them now

African fertility devices i shall use now

i shall use russian eggs now and all orbs now

all life shall begin to grow for the first time ever today 

all existing life in a womb shall be boosted today Easter

you can have lava or larvae

you can have fatal alcohol sinned rome or a fetus

fetus or fatal alcohol sinned rome

parish or perish 

abided dead in a die strict or in a district

sow seeds or starve

depend entirely on infrastructure and you can starve in 33 days or less

increase storage of 5 extra gallons of water in pi billion homes

i shall rearrange the DNA and RNA of 500,000,005 Earth species today

i shall color eggs

black women as dark as coal shall bear a lily white son

white women as white as a sheet shall birth a darkest black German

red skins of the hopi shall be surprised to birth a baby with black feet

sow the hopi and the blackfeet are brothers instead try bondage with the Dutch

Rip lees believe it or knot hopi you must go to china town seeking the golden fleece

RIP lees lee eye a cocoa should pure chase some new stories in the Book

Elvis press lee was reading rip lees believe it or knot so he ripped her hymen

old high Germans once were laying down showing off there German Pines

in timid dating young Asian virgins with a 12 inch German Pine is a bad move

Templar knights shall study physics since i am sick of Germans trying to force a giant African dick into their beloved wife on her birthday

while i am all four preventing C sex shuns we can use see sex shuns to avoid C sections

but women do not obey so i already divorced Maria 2/3 times

if i need to avoid a C section and i desire to improve the soul energy in the womb it is my business and certainly NOT adultery if my wife obeys me and does a fertile sex act to safw guard a C section from being needed. As a solomon what is needed is total submission or the visitor or nun or knight shall leave me at once and can speak to me in the next days free time as scheduled by the Augustinians who shall treat me as a prize blood knowledge wisdom and seed cup that flows out until i am exhausted in the upper cortex and high in pressure

fertility and modern medicine are opposites

my staff in 1 million clinics are all staph carriers i shall began using it today on this Easter this mutation is slow this is a large bacteria


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