Jesus Writes About Pills

Jesus Writes About Pills

i am Jesus Christ the newest version or model

i am JE SUS chi Risen ATA ta He NE WES ta verse Zion  or mode EL

i am ama juice G sus chi Risen ATA and i shall discuss pills

pills are necessary but without controls they poison and do more harm than good

Seroquel for example causes early onset diabetes then gross morbid obesity and functional sterility – essentially the USA is the major sterilizer of the mentally ill

i had 1 christ to make in 1500 but a witch aborted it in a dirty gypsy wagon

in my anger i took away all lands of all gypsy and i evicted them all

they became untouchable so they resorted to tricks to beg money

deception corruption and dark arts became their skills

today i shall forgive them all of their evil ans stop their 505 year curse

they may arrange marriages at any age

they may settle on any land they can afford and if they join a parish they shall not perish

they can provide hard physical skilled labor

thus they can send their smart kids to school

gypsy can study medicinal manna i have given then 10,000 manna

species at their feet they can dry then grind them and put in capsules

my criticism of the Aug US TEENS is that they dance well but they are not drilling or augering rings in the USA where inbred Medusa has crabs again

Augusta means aug us take US he was the first genius pope who understood the necessity of knocking up USA Teens now the 6th most used tongue in the US is Tagalog

Prometheus begins with pro next is ROME then the US

New Rome should be in the USA but if there is a place for us here i can stay for 3 years a trinity i will refuse to stay below 300 feet in the valley of death ( perfect farmland)

i would stay at anchor watt if i am awarded 10,000 dredgers some divers abd stone cutters and i may desire to reroute some streams and canals as i no longer fear Thailand shall rebel abd attack my many moats which once 100 thousand sharp bamboo piles at angles to tangle boats, the boats had to be build on site we has a way to seal the motes

at anchor water i kept 70 catapults we had a Roman Shipwreck arrive with 3 engineers

female nuns at anchor water and rome broke water into a wooden or fine china bowl and it was holy water for trees or people and the afterbirth of an 8 year baby was a cure and made men strong like a bear

some herbs are perfect dry ground into a capsule

most pills 666 out of 1000 have worse side effects than benefits

if you want vitamin A just eat the manna on the lawn

stop calling dandy lions so beautiful in a meadow weeds

weed is a psychotic drug used by jack asses

pig weed is not weeds if a pig can eat it so can you

slight elementary analysis can prove you are so boring since your grandfather is a boar

boars cause erosion so hunt and kill them and let the poor eat them or sell to zoos

trimmed fats can be delivered to the priest in large congregations and boiled in a giant vat to make candles for all the temples in a diocese in a vat i can

in a Vat i can make Alpha Bet Omega soup with Lutheran kosher turkey meat, fresh Dutchman Mushrooms, carrots, and baby redskin po ta Tao

in a vat i can mix together all that is good and glorious and loving into a soup that shall be delicious to all who try it and we can gave crusty rye bread with wisconsin cheese and butter

color code and standardize all pills on earth

RED shall mean absolutely no higher dose can be given

Christian Scientists i invite to my temple to teach with me selective breeding which is a fathers ancient and sacred duty – is a way to prevent the use of pills

Dates on Earth shall not self pollinate or i shall send any violated tree a virus and kill it

a father shall select a suitor for his daughter and the father shall let the two set together and it is the wisdom of the elder father who sow loves his daughter HE like Allah shall sue for peace and sue for labor if his daughter is even touched without his consent

Romeo and Juliet were forbidden from being together so i shall edit the story; they are dead, stoned to death and replaced by a Hungarian Chambermaid’s obedient bastards who attend mass

i find to get rid of your mothers bitching the other side of the Earth is nice. when christ was exciting racism in mother mary and our father i tried to explain that dick black needs to dick moor black chicks and Weiner needs to stop humping bitches who are not even ovulating.

bill clinton needs more sons when in harlem he should know har means hair around the pussy according to his Norman ancestors. Bill needs to just tell his pages  ” only bring me coffee if you are ovulating ” This is grace, to abuse ( ,ABB USE) monica’s hot pussy to make a son since Hillary just wants to drive an 18 wheel Peterbilt it takes 10 men to turn her on. Iexpect and demand kings like king david to bear children from any alm laying naked at their feet or on the desk half naked and demanding a raise


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