Elohim doubles the frequencies amplitude speed and magnitude of the Holy Spirit

Elohim doubles the frequencies amplitude speed and magnitude of the Holy Spirit

on Easter the people gather around the Temple

when we went to the Blue Fish festival we won many contests

my favorite place was Abraham’s school i won 101 awards

if the dead enter a mosque or a Shinto shrine they shall leave alive

death is an illusion but do not make any headless horsemen

one day in Jamestown i wanted to test some people for faith

i yelled HEY COOL AID

then we all committed suicide and shot away as a single photon or quarks pieces

you giants do not see the potential to hide universes using Microsoft Compression Software a gentleman is soft and aware on the first 2 dates and hard and bare as soon as the father accepts a bride price 

if any woman wants this body they must speak to my wife

if she is jealous she shall dis appear

if a man wants to eat manna it is found on your feet and in a priests hand

the Catholic Church is purged and cleaned 

evil men cannot produce 

they can reap produce but cannot reproduce

there is 707 kinds and likes of communions

there is communion and there is cum union 

love your enemies the calm union nests

love not just your enemies 

love also the dog which bites you

love also the cat that scratches you

denial is not yours to swim in i gave the Nile to the crocodile

swim in the truth river it ends in 7 seas i am literally the salt of the world

if my cup runs over my enemies shall rejoice for i shall make 2000 oasis on borders in the next 7 seconds and a flock of birds shall bring seeds now and a mighty wind of seeds

i shall triple life on io in the water below the frost

i shall triple the life on io in the water under the frost

i shall release the titans but they are sterile or pregnant with small ones

i shall reduce the size of the produce of all giants seeds to save on sling shot ammo

betalactams led to tammy prekins valid dick tory ann to deny 7 men a baby

beta ala act tams or i shall rot off your body parts according to blue laws

Tammy Dish Shaw in the line of Abraham in all sow the line of the Shaw of Iran

daughter of a New York wrestling state champion and coach at  foxcroft

she has not had enough babies and she hogs resources

i watch over her as promised then and now and forever

and all Dishaw’s he is as a hell’s angel a good ally in any battle or war

i hear an old lady asking for mercy

first give away everything you own 2 times then we are equals for 7 seconds

then do 9009 hours of community service and collect cans so we can share a coffee

come help me clean vans for transporting the cripples and retards you make

now come with me and we shall weep at 35 rape response workshops

now expose 35 criminals and report them or arrest them yourself

now swim 7 miles

now climb a mountain and shit at the very peak

now anoint 2,222,222,222 people

now deliver 151,151 pizza to renew Eucharist and assimilate all pizza franchise

take over all yeast to interact with alien mitochondria which allow humans to perceive awareness consciousness emotions thoughts and to communicate with other humans creatures and any life form

improve mitochondria

i was riding on union street and i let an angel drive he took me to queen ann’s lace i smelled a sarap delicious namit smell it was all the mushrooms, on union street i saw a catholic earthworm eating the mushrooms, on union street i saw an orthodox russian black beetle chewing on the mushrooms, on union street i saw a Greek Hercules like beetle eating a muchroom; no mice dared go near him, on union street i saw a mouse dropping and teeth marks of mice on the munchrooms. A robin was annoyed and wanted to eat the fat mushroom filled earthwork. sow i shook the spores out and picked a quart of them i fried them in sesame oil with chicken gizzards and intestines


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