Augustine is in my Head i am a Hippo

Augustine is in my Head i am a Hippo and Jose Rizal shall assist here

i love the fill lip penis isles of the Paul line NE Zions

Original sin did occur first with Adam so i dropped off the Adam’s Family

as seen on TV

but original sin is ongoing

it takes 10 men in an egg bath in the 1st week of pregnancy

so you assholes ruin my opportunities to be creative

i am so furious i may explode

or i shall use zen meditation and smart bombs

there are good just wars and evil wars

if a knight shall not protect a woman or a child i can forever not trust him

sin is necessary so a woman must obey her husband as if he is a god

because he is a god

i told you that in your house the master is like a God

now even i have covenants so i have the most covenants and agreements

that is why i torture my body

left handed bipolar people live in agony

but it is necessary

i am quickening

i am not protected already i was hospitalized since the Catholics did not come

but i escaped the death rays

Prometheus was in the line of Augustine

pro ro Rome ro me The US is in the line of Aug US Teens

i speak in Paul in da ROMES as large as books and with 10,000 laws


there is 2 buddha a fat buddha and a buddha fucked hard by 909 angelic nuns

the skinny pope buddha lived to be old as a teacher

the fat buddha died of carbon monoxide poisoning

wake up

i am a hippo tear rite Tory Al ma likes me

my drama includes Britney Spears stabbing Allah Gory and Meta Fours

i am a screen writer for a new season of specials called reality on BBC & FOX

i demand Augustine to keep children chaste

grade Jew waits must wait until marriage

graduates must be virgins but some hymen break early so it is honor system

i bless Annaba Algeria and all Anna ba souls all Al GE R i A

Ann anywhere in language is of or relating to the genes of hannah

Ann’s are kind generally on Average as a mode and median 

According to his contemporary, Jerome, Augustine “established anew the ancient Faith

this is evident in the fill lip penis isles where my mangoes were ripening

i shall kill any bacteria or virus causing papaya to rot fast in all polynesia

in return i want a total and fast move to a temple

i shall kill all banana diseases in 7 seconds and 23 hours time

i shall stop bacteria from eating tomato and plums for 29 hours

i shall strike dead 10% of all insect pests and begin fixing nitrogen in 505 corns

in canada manna shall include 505 heads of orange call lee flower

let it go to seed it has a trinity of vitamins and a trinity of minerals

make god speed unload ships faster

take on water

load ships faster

make way

make god speed 33 knots

pleasure boats i shall pulverize i hate them

wreck creation all fruitless acts need a new name 

Bible Torah and Qu’ran study is good and not wreck creation all

if a student gets 1 D grade ban him from sports

he is of Gog haplotype he should be picking beans or squash

he can paint so does not need algebra you filthy douch bags

wake the dead anywhere they dwell

i went to the church by ichiban japanese restaurant

there was a man passed out on the steps of the temple

in America there is more than 1 million locked temples

i shall blow them down i shall huff and i shall puff and blow them down

i was the drunk man your god and you shut me out 

i worked on the census and i found many tent people

they were then evicted

they are dead

i knew a can man

i gave him a pup tent

he was evicted

he is dead

i knew 10,000 criers yelling christ is alive

they are all dead

prepare the lions dens

a lion shall not attack less it smells the stench of fear

if you are fearless follow me

if you fear anything hide in a temple and tremble

i shall be on Jeffrey’s Neck Road wearing a white collar

as brother Michael and i watched many ring necked pheasants there

we are rehabilitating Wild Wolves for release into the wilderness

a wolf is the perfect shepherd like shepherd smith and his smith and wes son

after i make some secret babies i can become a teacher

other teachers or cardinals can ask me to concentrate on a topic

i am here to die for you but be wise and practical not idle and slow

why not bleed me weekly or every 10 days while making me impregnate a lot

some insemination can be artificial insemination sexless in women with a stubborn diseases

my seed can place cancer in remission but is hard to repair tissue

i need more energy

i demand the fleet of shape shifters in the red spot to provide me some Energy

i shall allow you an extra 10,000 year lease in Jupiter as Jews with Gas troubles



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