The Three Lost Souls by Elohim

The Three Lost Souls by Elohim

a skin head was hitching i picked him up

i hired him to wrap my mobile home with plastic

i was alone Kelley was on a work trip for vain hair dressers

he was homeless so i let him stay i bought him a beer a Colt 45

he was an alcoholic so he was drunk in 3 sips 

he began reciting white supreme mantra so i sterilized him

when my eyes become angry i send death rays

the sun is better for death rays 

in prison i store black and white man rapers to protect your 4 year olds

if you do not place them in mines i shall keep killing them

i did make him laugh and cry and i softened his heart

AL my friend from Spot Bilt was a great singer he married April

Al Ma Like has many bodies

Mohammed once had 1 body now he has 10,000 and Moor

the second lost soul was a newly released prisoner

i want single women to come and bid for inmates in mate or companionship

he was filled with love

he said the Warden taught him carpentry

i asked do you have food and money he said no

in the USA i demand in mates having served 10 years to leave with gold sacks

but they must be wed

blind cards can be used and 10 minute conversations

the women can be official parole officers for house arrest with work for low

every day is a con Jew Gaul visit since Gaelic women like bad boys

i offered him a job and i fed him a large meal and gave him food for his pack

we worked hard

then he spent the night on the sofa and i let him take a shower

then i drove him to the Hands of Hope Thrift Shop

then to Catholic Charities

he gave me a jewelry box he made in prison

i wish the masons would get the Nickel under Charleston Correctional

i anointed the carpenter

he was full of love

i sterilized the skin head

he was full of hate

then i was shaking in a hospital sick

so i held Hades the isle of Hate E 

i killed many voodoo witches it was a good day


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