Elohim Glorifies Luxembourg

Elohim Glorifies Luxembourg

the smallest nations shall become the greatest

When you force children to learn a Trinity of languages

you guarantee success in trade and become powerful

A Trinity of the House of Luxembourg reigned as Holy Roman Emperors.

Luxenbourg must mention God in any EU constitution it creates

Luxenbourg should combine with Belgium to have a port the see shall drop in 2270

luxenbourg should lead in damming Gibraltar with 2 carved canals and a causeway

Etna shall explode if you do not obey me

luxenbourg can increase African rail travel by 10,000 times on the Causeway

silver mining and making canals can help fill the Causeway

Morocco dig under your arms

Morocco is my favorite Islamic Nation

3 Turks robbed me

7 Saudi Arabians robbed me but 30 burst the abortion sellers into hell fire

so Saudi Arabia is my deadliest Islamic nation do not ever trespass in Islam

or photographs of your execution shall make you appear ugly

reopen the iron ore mines

we need trillions of feet of stainless steel rebar 

in Steinsel make a mug and coffee cup and bowl factory if you locate the clay

in Bissen make a farm for American Bison and sell the meat in french restaurants

let farmers with old hay give it to the bison which can eat it 

in every mine on the Earth place a dorm or a school

when the meteors strike oxygen shall be low until the sea releases oxygen

thus you need mines

be mine

or die life is a choice; prosper and multiply or get pulverized

in Beggen i say send 10 men to Thailand to seek wives

they must beg

in Beggen i say send 10 men to North Japan for Begging for wives

if a man of Luxenbourg has an erection but looks at his cousin he shall be in Wiltz

if he goes to Beggen he can depart to Philippines and be a hero he rows for Thor

mine under the Castle but do not mine near to it begin afar so trains can work

castles were tricks to kill dumb people while hiding my minerals

noone would ever mine 500 feet below a castle and they cannot drill easily

also graveyards hide gems

bring the dead to Saint Ann’s they shall leave alive

prisons all need mines below

i love luxenbourg they sued ass stroke zeneca for me as Sarah Quill is deadly

Sarah was always vain 



2 thoughts on “Elohim Glorifies Luxembourg

  1. if luxenbourg sends me 1 sacred fish basket woven of sweet grass
    i shall send them 10
    if luxenbourg sends me 1 canoe bearing a princess and rowed by 10 knights
    i shall return 10 princess and 10 canoes and 10,000 immortal knights
    if you send me an empty vessel it shall return with God Speed heavy in the wake
    i am the Lord of Lords
    i am Luxenbourg

  2. i demand 1 billion steel bicycles so open the iron mines
    i shall take 12,000 women in Europe now
    you have a shortage of everything
    Luxenbourg is inbreeding to to thailand and bang cock
    go to sin egg a poor woman who desires you without bitching
    go to china and pure chase purr chase a little china doll with red lips
    go and hunt for the golden fleece or climb jacks bean stocks
    stop rump riding your sister

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