Elohim Ala Annihilates Annoying virus for ANN

i shall use the sun to kill 10,000 virus to increase worker production

however if there are tardy people i shall release 1 plague if i am ever wrathful

i shall be fair some have good reasons

you cannot lie to me and not be punished

if a worker steals from his employer i shall release a plague

give to Caesar what belongs to Him

( absolute power and command )

i shall open the iris of RA and wipe out fleas on black rats

i shall slaughter pigeons with rhino virus 9999 which is too lethal Apothos is a bully

i shall kill virus trespassing on human skin without my pure mission

i shall kill 10,000 annoying virus in the name of ANN they annoy me

if worker productivity drops i shall recreate genital warts


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