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Elohim Addresses Alaska

Elohim Addresses Alaska

greetings my brothers and sisters in Alaska

eat all caribou for they cannot be saved in the ice age they would plague cattle

eat all polar bears and tan the hides for the tots to sit on and watch TV

do not kill geese they can survive Ragnarok at 35053 feet

ducks may be eaten but not the wood ducks

listen to Jim Gotts Stein of psychiatric rights

listen to Christine Church and Christine King

listen to kelly herd i sent them to shepherd Alaska

since Alaska shall be pulverized with ice in 2270 rape the land

use water blasting to find gold

salmon who cannot survive can die

bears can be shot they are Steve they shall not survive ragnarok so eat them

you may sell bears to zoos to farm bile

i shall triple the krill in the arctic sea in 7 seconds

Alyeska or AL MA LIKE YES KA

ala means to nurture to parent to genesis so ka means that which is immortal

thus immortal genesis is occurring in Alaska

for this reason most Arabic names for God begin with AL

as muslims and alaskans are brothers it is in the fine print

when making rotten fish heads do not use plastic

use the traditional method all

large employers in Alaska shall have a pregnancy explosion

i shall double the king salmon fry and the china nook salmon and all wives

make extra firewood and drill all federal lands

i was born in 65 to fuck the 65% of Alaska owned by the Government

fuck every forest fuck every mountain fuck every bar slut and marry them

be still and know that i am your God

be not frightened as i am with you

do not build schools under 300 feet or on grave gravel a liquid mire

you can survive Ragnarock but not the ice age

mine all oil now begin yes i said obey or dis obey you can only obey

i will je sustain you and i shall rescue you and Norway Sweden and Russia

Finland i shall rescue and Canada and Poland

Dr SUS books can be editted by me G SUS to SUS Tain you

the US and Alaskan Governments should cause a new mining frenzy

by giving mining rights to 10,000 global companies

national parks in Alaska shall be pulverized with 1 mile of ice wake up

so do knot worry about Siberia the Tundra or Alaska


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