All people mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records are mine

All people mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records are mine

Virtues and deeds and triumph is gene expression; to win is to win

greatness automatically upgrades a lost soul into the fold of Ram Allah the Messiah

olympic gold medal winners may have 4 wives

limit mary Thongs for special occations less  than 28 miles

once my best marathon runner ran 100 miles then dropped dead

i had to make all his cousins knock up 35 women in cunt in gent see

in Uganda bring out the dead especially all chiefs in all tribes

in Botswana if any dead man enters a temple he shall leave alive 

plant 50 trillion cassava in africa before i return

every 100 years i shall send 7 profits speaking 7 different languages

the 100 year cactus will bloom

if little children are sick they need baby breath and mothers breath and virgin breath

premature babies are caused by environmental pollution

such as smoking; it is good to fuck a smoking woman in her ass until she feels owned

if any woman smokes around her children a penalty is to hold your baby as it dies

then you may weep for 10 days also next you shall die a horrible death

i offer amnesty for smokers who quit immediatly

when a man wins a great award like Guinness Records olympic gold

a nobel peace prize be wise and let him marry your slutty little daughters

shun warriors but they are good for sin offerings at donkey shows in Mexico

shun murderers but they are good for eating pussy of women from 9 to 99

shun women who refuse to attend sabbath for her days are numbered

even if she has a baby its days are numbered

in each race i shall select 2 people for my body the first and the last

a man can drink 22 ounces of Guinness stout Hine a  Ken or New Castle Ale

mine under all castles in Europe and all Hindu Forts

repair the water works of masada and allow 2 families to live there

mine under Masada below mine 6/10th miles away at a 30 degree incline

see what you find and pump water to feed olive trees figs and thorns grafter to bear fruits

all masters are mine so mine the military bases as i demanded

be mine or be dust

there is 7 more months to revive the dead as Canada is frozen now

select the greatest athletes and kings and peace makers as they shall be fertile


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