Yashuah writes to teachers

Yashuah writes to teachers

JESS is an ethics teacher but when the Creator of ethics is with him

he lacks a few Levi Genes from the Amazons so he is a good speaker a bad listener

this is okay if he would talk more

all priests are rabbi or imam or ethics teachers

we are all brothers so invest in Hasbro

divest in pork belly futures

Danilo my old enemy tried to feed me pork at the last 5 festival feasts

he has defeated pork so is trying to gently kill me while smiling

while i am the most improved frosh pig skin football player at Foxcroft

in dove her fox croft the licking capital of New England and New Sow Wales

we are a colony of New Lapland and the cunning ham family is close

Hamilton marina is close see lose

Mr Hamlin is dads best buddy and he loves ham

Hamas ate ham for 7007 years they are ham ass they paid their dues

Mohammed medicated his Neanderthal liver by eating moor ham med i call

i call you

i call you

to do something amazing today

i shall make an oasis in a rock field 10 miles long

in 7 hours it shall burst up and the people shall say Allah is alive


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