Yahweh teaches dream weaving and word perfect Rituals

Yahweh teaches dream weaving and word perfect Rituals

Habitual Deadly Addictions =

ha bit bitch chew al dead lee add dick zions =

bitching in Asia torments and murders men

a man has an innate need to satisfy his wife so bitching kills him

kissing improves liver functions

stress lowers liver efficiency

mental health and physical health cannot possibly be separated but by quacks

duck if a psychiatric quack wants to give you diabetes or systematic sterility

God Eros ( Earth ) and Atlas are bipolar

Abram Brahma Allah Shiva are bipolar

Christ Rama Jesus NE ABB Paul we i am bipolar

WE SLEY the fabric of space into kami sac cloth and cheese cloth

we make fabric for Saudi Arabian kings to make calculus teachers

we make fabric for Israel to make Charlie the Upward Bound Miracle Maker

Charlie also was a Calculus teacher in 1984 wore ring a Thai dyed TEE a wife

i knelt at his feet and gave him a Dome pizza touched by God and his soul tripled

Bub was an engineer from Switzerland he abided on pine street in bangor

Bud loves italy so he is a swiss guard he wed Luchia the Italian Princess

their wedding was on a rock at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean

as a gift i gave them 10,000 consistent trade winds for 1000 years of peace

Bud and Luchia invited me to dine in their humble apartment we had chicken and saffron rice from the crocus stamens of 10,000 yellow and purple Alpine spring flowers

i shall  purify all water in Switzerland using my son Helios Jesus Ram Allah Rama in 7 seconds and for 72 hours

6 do zen equals 72 so when a german asgard ship lands they shall ask for the pure mission to take of all DNA RNA ALLEELES SA SU SI SO this shall only require 6 days

they shall ask for your demands 

i suggest or propose –

1) A mineral map of the moon, io, mars, and titan, and mercury and venus

2) Asgard DNA and DNA for methane breathing life forms for Jupiter

3) Triple the Crop Circle contract for 10 years while doubling mean output

4) a guardian Asgard should be kept here to help the new Titans and Mayans repopulate io, the moon, mars, and to send a ship to Alpha Centauri where there is 1 developing water world

5) Allow the Asgard Guardian Sent ten el to abide on the moon to be protected from mutating virus here and safely in cosmic and solar radiation in which Asgard thrive: allow him to store seeds of the entire Earth and any seeds the NOX or Asgard donate

6) Allow a solid deep lunar communications center on the moon to replace 35,000 space junk objects posing a navigational problem

7) End war and the Asgard shall solve 10,000 Human problems for your spare cells



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