Elohim Tells the Parable of the Crab Rangoons and the Tam Iraq Tree

Elohim Tells the Parable of the Crab Rangoons and the Tam Iraq Tree

when i was one of lots 10,000 daughters fire and pyro class sick clouds chased me

sow Iran and i ran and Iran and i was so afraid as the Earth shook at its foundations

soon i was in Iran in Shush since i was begging for food and they all said Shush

then finally a kind man a sumeriten took me and fed me

his other wives were jealous and so i became the favorite

jealous wives become very ugly crab rangoons

i said to those bottom feeding crabs they were born of goons

i said i am the favorite as i am full of love while a crab rangoon is for hardened hearts

now all i say is true so many fools like my agnostic daughter love goons crabs and crab ran goons in the moon hing the NG serve many crab rangoons

at the panda garden i ate 7 crab rangoons if you eat a china woman she is less crabby

at sings i ate some crab rangoons and the waitress was perfect and sexy want on soup

i went to china hill and sat at the summit and sparkling dragons danced in the sky

i devoured many mini crab rangoons and they became so happy so i gave them tips

as the lord of lords and the creator of China the most pro life fig nation 

1 in 4 humans are Chinese and 3 out of 4 humans want a Chinese fuck on the great wall

i went to the Oriental Jade and ate Peking Duck and Crab Rangoons until i was full

when we drove a gold spike with the railroad gods ( masons in control of infrastructure)

we imported 10,000 Irish Bar Fighters and Coal Miners

we imported 10,000 Chinese cool lees and then i made 10,000 cross bred gold spikes

Elohim is he who spikes the punch now we have the Unlimited Fighter Marcus

he is the Irish Hand Grenade son of Melinda Davis who has cancer i shall cure her now as the sun passes over her she shall be healed but must drink water and eat squash skin cucumber skin and she must stop eating omega 6 fats totally and repent

she must go to a temple weekly and commune if she is ever not there her cancer might return

women shall not smoke or they shall die

men must not smoke

men can use snuff or chewing tobacco for peace conferences and political functions

and sow shall gat her rings to get her social gatherings to get her in net her lands

women are not men butt double sided dildo have been invented by adam and eve

women are knot men butt if they have penis envy we can give them shotgun weddings

if a city has unwed mothers i shall accept responsibility and demand 10,000 Catholic orphanages and schools up to puberty

crab rangoons can be seen haggling and running scams at the markets

a rabbi shall not toll irate bitching from his wife so jewish law shall state he must place his cock in her mouth if she curses her master for being a workaholic and she is owed 1 pound of flesh

jewish men must fuck their wife or wives; Abraham selected the best servants and they loved his big fat kosher pickle and no Jew shall question Allah Elohim Wesley’s logical cunt clue zions his conclusions that God demands superior men to engage in polygamy as is evidenced by his demands on 10,000 former tribes, nations, empires, and races


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