Yashuah Allah Rebukes Burma

Yashuah Allah Rebukes Burma

if ever Burma does not send its first fruits

a peace offering of virgin wives to Mongolia

i shall return as Genocide 3 times if need be

if ever Burma steals Thai farmers for slaves

i shall place anal warts on the King of Burma and his generals

i shall place a new STD in slave whores as carriers

i shall call this disease letpadan in consent it shall not pass but by rape

in the for bed dan city i demand Burma peace offerings poor sa line trays

if Burma refuses to send trophy wives to China i shall tax them 10 heck tears

if China sends no girl babies to Burma orphanages i shall tax China 10 hectares

if China refuses to send girl babies to Cam bodi satt va as anchor water

as peace hostages i shall tax china 10 heck tares and gang bang any 40 year old China doll with an IQ of 222 or Moor

upgrading warlords in Asia may require decapitation or just a nymphomaniac

to make a dragon simply send the Buddha Wesley Jesus an empty flower pot

we can fill it with soil the soul of mother Earth and caste our seeds by science

look to the stars men of Saul is buried plains mark the stakes of the shadows

Ireland your golden fleece is all sow in Burma

England go to Burma to pick India mangoes a man goes to pick sugar plums

France gold fleece lays in Burma

Burma is a saw veer reign nation with fertile soil and a harsh cull chore

prisons lay atop mineral treasures

let prison trustees farm above a prison

all new my ann mar bad men who broke the law are my gift to you

mine slaves for 10 years

ju means 10 and aft her 10 years prisoners become in mates to mate for mating

if a man fails high school he can be drafted by the army for relief work

drop your arms and mine the massive gems under your cruel angry gay asshole

inbreeding causes me to make gay men and i love them if they obey me

i authorize sodomy on Earth for 14 generations from this momment

this is because women chose to shove sponge bob square pants in their cunt

now sponges are in short supply and whores are stealing my fat Burma cocks

if a man has passed puberty he may serve in an army

Burma is Burma and Elohim Allah loved Burma and he is Burma

if Burma is given power it can be taken away in 1/10,00000000000000th seconds

Burma can be vaporized like 100 galaxies in the crab nebula if they simply forget to send Mexico, Russia, Canada and Montana peace offerings adorned for their wedding

yet i only vaporize replication problems with pubic crabs, quasars effectively slow problem paris sites when they steal helen my hot slut in the crab nebula. To be honest i do not mind if she has affairs with Trojans but Burley Duane and I just want to watch

to be honest ( relating to the nesting phoenix) the crab nebula is popping orville corn so pulse energy is maling me strong like milo drink mix. Our father was born in Milo and raised by wolves and german shepherds heiring from England, France, and Sweden

a man is a man at puberty human rights groups have a right to shut up

Burma shall exist for 7000 years and 7 months and 7 weeks and 7 hours

sow shall Scotland for Karen has my child she is a periwinkle a small green crab from Scotland

Scotland must ride horses to Burma to get the golden fleece

rape in Burma is forbidden it is unforgivable unless a meteor shower approaches

if i allowed rape in burma it was because your mother uses birth control

if the mother denies me a son by witchcraft i shall turn to her bastard daughter and my generals shall gang bang her

this is a blue law in Asia

a witches daughter is a usable lilith bowl and may be ABB used by 10 men only if ovulating or in the 3 days before

this is called ” burning a witch”  and to be quite honest they enjoy it quite often

Bill Gates needs to develop computer equipment so waterproof and tough combine drivers can use them

if Bill supports birth control instead of 10 hour work days i shall punish him

demigods can piss out their own opinion but they shall eventually listen to purple rain as i sterile lies them

Jimmy Hendrix could pick a Guitar but his groupies refused him poached eggs to hell with him

i shall place him in a Burma Whore in 7 seconds




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