response to racial hatred

i am Elohim and you shall love your enemies
if you do not hug our Muslim Brothers and weep as a child
you shall dis appear as dis is a latin word for hell and the devil
you shall be led ass stray and into temptation and you shall suck cigarette butts
even your kids shall suck fags and smoke if you hate your enemies
if you love you shall be loved if you hate you shall be hated as a rabid dog
do not argue with me ever but when i am in Temple you may come to my court
Christians Jews and Muslims are all acting like retarded little assholes
Aussie Christians threw 555 aborigine off cliffs
An Aussie Rabbi raped a little boy after tying him up and raping his ass
An Aussie Cell of 4 skins are making a dirty bomb in Sydney
of the 3 likes and kinds of pot belly pig blood factor arrogant assholes
i award the Muslims a higher grade for they knocked down the 2 abortion towers
A fucking asshole who is agnostic said oh there was a daycare in the twin towers
yes and when kids fight over toys sometimes i am guilty of baby shaking
Some ex cop dink said we should nuke the Arabs and Persians and Pakistani
so i irradiated the two of us to see if it was a viable plan we both got cancer
he is dead now neutrons make me more powerful soul energy is in neutrons
when a Yuka Crane Nee Ann refused to nest with me i nuked Ukraine
then i brought my bald Mary Kay sales girl to Talmar Wood
she was an Atheist a calm union nest i love all people and all life
your days are numbered
this is the word of the Lord


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