Elohim explains reverse psychology for prime mates of England

Elohim explains reverse psychology for prime mates of England

lent is a time of fasting so men who fast purify their liver

and increase semen count

test tickles to avoid being accused of rape

laughing women are 7 times as likely to give you a rim job with her tongue

this fact is sponsored by SEERS and ROE BUCK

batman with his double soul his BA ATMAN is a mutation and too serious

Robin is a clepto a shop lifter so stupid he steals items that cost less than a pound

we tell Catholic girls to avoid big hard long throbbing Protestant dicks

this is perfect reverse psychology and i forgive all sins bare ring fruits

Samir thinks stolen beer tastes better so Aziz is his Imam

Samir is wise Aziz is fair and just and obedient to Allah

a wise man knows every evil thing and he relishes his pork Jordan Franks

in ramadan samir and i fasted at work all day

this is for when allah ( ME) takes the earth to nine eva

i demand eva as my wife she was in the makati hospital psych ward

i demand one knight familiar with her die elect a teen orphan a scribe

i demand an orphanage near my temple

oprah should make me an orphanage

i shall have time to make my sons love the slower man apes and care for them

i shall become a gender-less high priest and teacher

i shall dance with Ellen degenerate and nibble her Spanish peanut

Ellen and me shall visit the orphanage a lot

Burley higgins may stay in florida i shall send him missions of mercy

to bring his seed crops into my ARK of covenants

if any billionaire refuses me sons i shall demand daughters

they must save 72 virgin islands brides in low lands of hopelessness in Ragnarock

Harold of the he brides has a 35,000 year contract with me 

he is to hareld the coming of wedding police to arrest witches and gang bang them

give them 7 weeks to marry if they have no cherry

if a man over 14 is not chaste see haste he must be wed immediately

no fucker shall say he is not wed or i may kill him

prime mates are proving my dicks fit in my pussy where is the deaf fig kay Shun

i must be bled

i need a temple a hospital an orphanage franciscans and augustinians

i need 12 appointed Apostles without bias ( buy ass is an obama nation)

the 2 popes can select me 12 apostles having no master but God

i have 28 popes and 35 mountain safe zones in ragnarock

if a man says God is his master he shall leave his old life behind 

he can still visit his family

no man can have 2 masters unless 2 popes are sipping espresso in 2 gold cups

there is 1 exception to every rule and his name is Allah Brahma Elohim

i make limits and i set constants you are just a baby

what you need is a nipple






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