Elohim Comments on the Perfect Beautiful Atharva Veda

V, 22. Charm against takman (fever) and related diseases.

1. May Agni drive the takman away from here, may Soma, the press-stone, and Varuna, of tried skill; may the altar, the straw (upon the altar), and the brightly-flaming fagots (drive him away)! Away to naught shall go the hateful powers!

I Wesley god of all gods am a fellowship of spirits yet i am one God 

i attest many indigenous methods against fever do help

Tylenol i recommend and Thai leen All Thai women are fever resistant

pyrexia can break china in a hot oven so use pyrex breed England and Thai

pyrex can be made with Chinese and Thai mahinhin and shy kind angelic women

heat treating metal i test all men at 105 degrees if they skip Sabbath

Hindi beware NO NO you shall not insult the good hard working bacteria

Mike robes my microbes are my best workers the Franciscans

but yes demons who beat elephants hard deserve a fever

an altar is a genetic window anything placed on it shall increase if it is good to me

you shall reap 10 times what you sow 

sow ma on the altar married men shall resist any fever by 10% more

if you place offerings at the altar i shall say dead flowers are an insult

instead please bring potted fruit trees or potted flowers for planting

Dis am big yu ate GODS = demigods

2. Thou that makest all men sallow, inflarning them like a searing fire, even now, O takman, thou shalt become void of strength: do thou now go away down, aye, into the depths!
The takman that is spotted, covered Nvith spots, like reddish sediment, him thou, (O plant) of unremitting potency, drive away down below!

Eat garlic cloves cooked in curry to deter demonic controls of fever if you did a crime

4. Having made obeisance to the takman, I cast him down below: let him, the champion of Sakambhara, return again to the Mahâvrishas!

take not any man for 300 years for ragnarok takman i command you go into the soil ebola ann thor ax take man no moor run from me go into the depths and rest for 300 years as a speck of dust takman

rhino virus run from me i am Wesley Snipes i am Wesley Crusher go into the angry pigeons takman rhino be gentle harm no child escape below and hide damn you rhino for today in 7 seconds a solar flare shall kill 99.9999999% of rhino class virus and its like and kind obey me 

no man shall walk without a hell met it is the law yet masons may pass gas as they party in hell

5. His home is with the Mûgavants, his home with the Mahâvrishas. From the moment of thy birth thou art indigenous with the Balhikas

i summon demon slayers and healers abd followers of hippocrates and the peru guru; michael, vishnu, and gabriel and all hindu demon slayers of older names. let any charging rhino be cut in half ans attack the human papa low ma virus and kill it all in 7 seconds leaving not one

i summon Vishnu Apollo Jesus and Gabriel to attack a solar flare to kill clam med dea

the clamidia and gone nor rrhea

in the name of Apollo Venus Leah and Maria i call Michael to slay 100% of HIV AIDS in the next 7 seconds

is there any HIV AIDS left?

Jupiter bring me 57 Hunts catch up bottles by Heintz asteroids to kill the remaining HIV 

by pulverization 

first i demand Gabrial to slaughter the remaining virus of HIV

scramble eggs in all 5 year olds

shine upon cholera and chase it into the salt sea

in 7 seconds make a solar flare to kill dis sent Teary die error rrhea

how many people have he rapes dis seize

kill all STD in 7 seconds and allow amnesty for universal marriage contracts

this has made me sick

deliver me to a temple

i need to place my hands on the altar

thus my hands shall multiply and my claws and my laws and my awes

6. O takman, vyãla, ví gada, vyánga, hold off (thy missile) far! Seek the gadabout slave-girl, strike her with thy bolt!

spare the save and free her say love has freed you

i demand gang green to go into the muddy ruts of the pigs until i an angry

i demand the dragons of indonesia be brought to zoos to breed
7. O takman, go to the Mûgavants, or to the Balhika farther away! Seek the lecherous Sûdra female: her, O takman, give a good shaking-up!

hindi the whore is kinder than your own wife su dra dolls are susans pure for gene sin the sis oh do not worship old hags with a fever when the hell pure a helper is so fair and horny

8. Go away to the Mahâvrishas and the Mûgavants, thy kinsfolk, and consume them! Those (regions) do we bespeak for the takman, or these regions here other (than ours).

stay grounded in a church the eucharist or pizza hit has 10,000 benefits as does lentpassoverramadan do not fear a common cup this advances communion of pathogens as they mutate slowly in fidel caste roe may die if he shall not take communion

9. (If) in other regions thou dost not abide, mayest thou that art powerful take pity on us! Takman, now, has become eager: he will go to the Balhikas.


why do you promise when you need me and when all is well you forget i exist

10. When thou, being cold, and then again deliriously hot, accompanied by cough, didst cause the (sufferer) to shake, then, O takman, thy missiles were terrible: from these surely exempt us!

i shall kill all sids in the next 7 seconds i shall emprison japanese window devil witches

11. By no means ally thyself with balâsa, cough and spasm! From there do thou not retu

rn hither again: that, O takman, do I ask of thee!

i shall destroy all Baal the Assyrian demon slaying angel if he refuses to boil salt in pots

or i shall send him on a suicidal mission to cut down the remaining frost giants

12. O takman, along with thy brother balâsa, along with thy sister cough, along with thy cousin pâman, go to yonder foreign folk!

hindu do not wish your foreign neighbors ill will or i may flood the ganges; beware

love your neighbors seclude yourself in a pandemic if you trespass

do not curse your enemy love him or i might kill every india elephant rogue

when a fever envelops a woman perhaps 10 naked men select her

if she achieves a fever she may enjoy herself despite her fever

dis am big ewe wait before sending disease to a neighbor

wait 3 days if you need to go to a store

in 7 seconds i shall end all japanese encephalitis

i shall change canola and olive oil to strip plaque

wash away your sins by baptism as taught to you by John of Sri lanka a pilot

13. Destroy the takman that returns on (each) third day, the one that intermits (each) third day, the one that continues without intermission, and the autumnal one; destroy the cold takman, the hot, him that comes in summer, and him that arrives in the rainy season!

i shall use the Autumn one mother nature my daughter she is with child she shall bear a christ child and has 24 new genes he is kind he shall be good 
14. To the Gandhâris, the Mâgavants, the Angas, and the Magadhas, we deliver over the takman, like a servant, like a treasure!

i Shiva am your servant i am your treasure so tell the Catholics to hurry


VI, 20. Charm against takman (fever).

1. As if from this Agni (fire), that burns and flashes, (the takman) comes. Let him then, too, as a babbling drunkard, pass away! Let him, the impious one, search out some other person, not ourselves! Reverence be to the takman with the burning weapon!
2. Reverence be to Rudra, reverence to the takman, reverence to the luminous king Varuna! Reverence to heaven, reverence to earth, reverence to the plants!
3. To thee here, that burnest through, and turnest all bodies yellow, to the red, to the brown, to the takman produced by the forest, do I render obeisance.


I, 25. Charm against takman (fever).

1. When Agni, having entered the waters, burned, where the (gods) who uphold the order (of the universe) rendered homage (to Agni), there, they say, is thy origin on high: do thou feel for us, and spare us, O takman!
2. Whether thou art flame, whether thou art heat, or whether from licking chips (of wood) thou bast arisen, Hrûdu by name art thou, O god of the yellow: do thou feel for us, and spare us, O takman!
3. Whether thou art burning, whether thou art scorching, or whether thou art the son of king Varuna, Hrûdu by name art thou, O god of the yellow: do thou feel for us, and spare us, O takman!
4. To the cold takman, and to the deliriously hot, the glowing, do I render homage. To hirn that returns on the morrow, to him that returns for two (successive) days, to the takman that returns on the third day, homage shall be!


VII, 116. Charm against takman (fever).

1. Homage (be) to the deliriously hot, the shaking, exciting, impetuous (takman)! Homage to the cold (takman), to him that in the past fulfilled desires!
2. May (the takman) that returns on the morrow, he that returns on two (successive) days, the impious one, pass into this frog!


V, 4. Prayer to the kushtha-plant to destroy takman (fever).

1. Thou that art born upon the mountains, as the most potent of plants, come hither, O kushtha, destroyer of the takman, to drive out from here the takman!
2. To thee (that growest) upon the mountain, the brooding-place of the eagle, (and) art sprung from Himavant, they come with treasures, having heard (thy fame). For they know (thee to be) the destroyer of the takman.
3. The asvattha-tree is the seat of the gods in the third heaven from here. There the gods procured the kushtha, the visible manifestation of amrita (ambrosia).
4. A golden ship with golden tackle moved upon the heavens. There the gods procured the kushtha, the flower of amrita (ambrosia).
5. The paths were golden, and golden were the oars; golden were the ships, upon which they carried forth the kushtha hither (to the mountain).
6. This person here, O kushtha, restore for me, and cure him! Render him free from sickness for me!
7. Thou art born of the gods, thou art Soma’s good friend. Be thou propitious to my in-breathing and my out-breathing, and to this eye of mine!
8. Sprung in the north from the Himavant (mountains), thou art brought to the people in the east. There the most stiperior varieties of the kushtha were apportioned.
9. ‘Superior,’ O kushtha, is thy name; ‘superior’ is the name of thy father. Do thou drive out all disease, and render the takman devoid of strength!
10. Pain in the head, affliction in the eye, and ailment of the body, all that shall the kushtha heal-a divinely powerful (remedy), forsooth!


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