08:30 28/03/2013Two US stealth B-82 bombers staged “deterrent” run over S. Korea

i am elohim the rent is due your pathetic armies cannot deter rent i demand dragon eggs

each nation owes me dome knights with hereditary garments and sword or gun

i am owed a temple with 3 walls

with one court where the ark of covenants is kept to store all agreements

buzy zen teen scribes shall record all that happens in court and on film

12 apostles shall observe me and befriend me as impartial witnesses

while appointed by the pope, i need 1 pope in my temple a closed altar

the court and garden can be visited by a list each person gets as much time as i see fit

if a man has cancer and the cure is to eat Autumn Lovejoy’s shit

he should say i am merciful for the cure for pedophilia is PCB mixed with model glue

i am rather fond of carbon tetrachloride

mormons and muslims are like carbon tet

4 atoms form a co veil lent bond to the center so a man can have 4 wives


mercury go and tell the NOX to bring a universal translator for plants named Paul Innate


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