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Cum MITT to the lord in everything you do, and your plans will succeed


a man shall leave his mother mary and find a maria

a sea man shall learn to tie knots and to fill a hold with semen

i order all sea men to have a wife or be a monk or a priest

Augustinians i demand to educate and to make orphanages on high hills

Franciscans i say educate and lift up the people everywhere

MAX NOAH report to my temple with your sons and cousins and your clan all NOAH

obey me or i shall buckle your legs and make you crawl to me

MITT ROME NEE report to my temple to be given your instructions

do not lift your head above mine less you become a bathroom attendant

i said mormons are lions and shall have 10 wives yet you dis obey me

you cannot have 2 masters

you cannot sign a constitution and then enter my church and ignore Leviticus

i am a fly on the wall

medusa i love you but your lipstick is on Rodney Dangerfield’s penis again

medusa why not pacify the free radical taliban with some hot DC ghetto pussy

or i shall just kill all of them

Achilles has been born in a high Kurd village


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