i did sterilize them using gamma alpha and omega

i am Brahma Allah have you heard of me; Elohim? i am infinite

please send me to a temple

i have needs to save you from a meteorite shower and calamity

i call ala mighty Arabian knights 

i call ala mighty Templar knights in their hereditary garments

i call 10,000 black belts

i call 500 orange monks for tending gardens of herbs

i call 300 immortal greek monks in black white and tan robes

i call 7 Samarai for my protection with their swords

i call 7 guards and kin of the man Achilles a God son of mine

i call 10 herbalists and a white cloud to manage them in a long house

i call a guard of 7 Sons of Indian Chiefs with their horses

i call a legion or cohort of Mongolian horsemen who can shoot a moving target

from the fastest horse

i am impatient 

i am calm




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