Elohim Teaches rock splitting

Elohim Teaches rock splitting

soil may be mixed by giant shredder pulverizers

Maine has millions of acres of fallow land 

value added products have stopped

35 and more factory closed

if a boulder is in the way and there is water present and freezing temps

drill s hole and pour water into the hole and cracks

freezing water expands up to pi times with new detergents DOW Chemical shall produce

water may be fixed with a solute 

wa ter may be afi x e d with a sol lute loot

water to clean an engine block in winter must have no Dow expansion solute

cracks in metal shall be developed by Dow for a penetrating super expander of water

they may be used to test space craft for at most fear Rick Davee ceramic tiles

when freezing the crystals become pi X original Volume V

i have placed 3 million Dow Engineers into the womb

i shall not go to the USA or new mecca and reverse my curses unless:

1. 1000 superior Augustinians Estranero and Escultura come also and are given asylum in my forbidden city which can be humble; the meek shall inherit the Earth since i shall fuck them with the Masons until their IQ is from 222 to 333 and i shall not allow 444 until 9013 a year of renewal

2. i require a hospital where living saints; saints and wizards like Dr OZ they can cure all diseases with the mayans and titans unter my guidance

3. Zeus shall let me cure every disease temporarily so move faster i am a Jesus

4. you must agree to take of my blood and the blood of my tribe the O Positive 

if any transfusion or add dish zion of 1 drop of my blood is done babies can prosper

5, universal donors flock to me in Temples i shall demand you to act as a shepherd

A best shepherd is a pire ren E hound or an English wolf hound or an irish wolf hound

german shepherds and royal chinese guard dogs are good shepherds

yet of all shepherds the JAIN mountain women and priests are the greatest

they are evolved 7007 years beyond all others

Christians so evil shall make liver improvements for JAINS

eat shit and die and be reborn in 3 days is our motto as men who fear no evil

my grand father drank 1000 gallons of regular and iso pro pole allah culls all

alcohol such as san miquel must not use the name of a saint or any clergy

this is an obama nation 

i shall pulverize any alcohol company using my name San Miguel to poison Laguna

in contrition cunt trish Zion is beautiful but evil men try to kill her eggs

all eggs are mine

women cannot drink but may have 1 ounce of wine or less if blood red wine


sabbath immunizes people in 3259 ways

send your representatives and i shall tell the reasons and teach

time is not yours 


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