Tear Drops Held Back in the land of the Philipian’s

i am AB salom or the father of peace
henceforth shallom shall mean peace
pace shall be called God’s speed of 33 knots
i demand all nations to make GOD SPEED
you have 14 generations to prepare for Ragnarok
i call Norway
i call scotland
i call england
i am calling
i am calling net her lands fishermen and china cargo ships
make GOD Speed until 2265 november 7 at 7 am EST
then drop a triple anchor and batten all hatches
ba atten all hatches and clutches of eggs men kind
take down all sails and cut the masts down
paint all decks and throw over all weapons
all holds must be full or fines shall be exacted by Nemesis and Neptune
Widen the panama canal 10 feet or JU feet
Widen the Sue Ezra canal by 10 cm
Widen emma
Widen Christafari
i want to heal the sick but the world is evil and they put me in Asylum
my tears heal but the evil ones do not allow it


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