rules of etiquette by Elohim

rules of etiquette by Elohim

any freeman rising his head above mine shall become as my puppet

as it is my intention in ten Zions to make gene sin the sis they shall grow horns

if 10 men row in a seal skin kayak to ireland they shall carry 1,2, or 3 baby seals

in the year 2264 go into the Arktic and kill 50,000 beasts and can them and transport –

drop off seals in southern lands move north to south and drop them in the open sea 

feed them a rainbow trout 1 each

this shall protect them from the rogue waves and tsunami

in 2265 dynomite sll fish in canada and in north russian finland and norway

do not yell at me

do not be angry with me

unless you desire 1 extra lifetime of in tens ive training

when i pray i simply state my plans

when you pray state your empathy and compassion for others 

and your love of your enemy

or it may be wise for you to just shut up i already had a headache


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