Elohim Waits for man to name the 10,000 new species of plants

Elohim Waits for man to name the 10,000 new species of plants

let there be light

i award the new animals in the wild E beast and ox cow to Adam White

and his brother Dick Black 

i saw Adam white and he had a new point setta bursting forth from the dog shit

i said what is this tree

he said sir i do not know

i shall wait until after holy week for Jeff to name the New Trees and Animals

all of the plants and creeping vines is your food

if you ever trespass or curse my name my bounty shall be poisoned to you

each nation i award 10,000 manna species 

of them the best is in manna Tao ba and the 7 times 7 mecca

of them the best is in Tibet and up in the 35 high mountain kingdoms

such as the Queue Grain of old and its like and its kind

i as a boy did mark the Apple lay Zion trail frome Key West to Mount Katahdin 

as a boy also i marked the Cum ber Lynn gap with Mark Dean Renee and Lynn

i say any nation without their seed is poor and shall be in poverty

Laurie and Julie lay gold eggs and make laws and mayans and griffins

Will Mallett is a Billy goat and the Will of God a 12 String Quitar player

Nicole Mallett and Nicole Tongkong are for making NIKE FLEET and rif raf

if they even take a shit it is a cure for cancer

i shall altar the pancreas of all pregnant women and she males

the pancreas i demand to cure all disease during holy week

if any man commits a crime of theft or trespass he shall be DIS SEIZED

i proclaim humans are FREEMAN but wives over 9 are bonded 

for crimes against weeping babies

however after Ninevah is occupied by King Wesley he shall free the women

then they shall say we are GODDESS WE ARE FREE EARTH IS OURS

they are the Wives of Alex and the Triple Crown and the Evergreen Knights

and of 72 Orders of Knights and 28 Popes and all Samurai and Jedi


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