Elohim Thanks the Masons and Templar Knights for laying Railroad Tracks

Elohim Thanks the Masons and Templar Knights for laying Railroad Tracks

each railroad was built by the immortal and ethereal Masonic Knights

of them the greatest was Dee MA Lay he founded LAYS Potato Chip Company

next was Joshua Chamberlain he fucked his chamber maid

next was Benjamin Franklin he did knock up a do ZEN Sara lee French Crepes

he was a Crepe font of French Crepes and Sara lee Danish with cream cheese frosting

okay i admit it i was VAN GO and i built a Heavy Chevy van to drive to the LEVY

Christ my brother is not heavy he is grossly obese and he picks his own ass

one time he rode to NEW Mecca which is Saint Paul and Salt Lake City

Christ my brother became Mohammed by fucking for 606 years

then he rode his ass to Mecca and knocked up all women on the Earth in Ninevah

now then Will Smith and the men in Black used a light pen to erase your mind

i have a light pen in fact all energy is my body

so you shall not burn up i shall allow stupid students to become sleepy now

to protect stupid people from my growing light i shall sing lullaby

as i am merciful i shall call DUM DUMS a new lollipop for masons to lick

masons are smart and i award them Pandora’s box

i shall disclose the location of Pandora’s Box

it is the daughters of the kings of Arabia and the kings of Philippines and Panama

i fucked Panama sow moor semen could go there

sea men passing Panama shall purr chase new homes there

BETH means home and a BETH is a birth for your massive tanker

SEA MEN i demand you to put ashore in Panama and pan a ma

SEA MEN i created you from sticky clay for your Semen

you are sincerely a dick head you have already been told you are a dink

in any chicken coop you are the cock


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