Elohim Commissions Moor help at MAX Restaurant

Elohim Commissions Moor help at MAX Restaurant

i went to MAX restaurant sucking on a MAXX menthol yuka lip take huss cough drop

i had been trying to MAXIMUM my prophets and profits

MAX Chicken Houses are so loving i shall hire them all

LOVE is Krypton KNIGHT for slaying Nemesis sow i can be Gandhi or a Buddha

Empathy Compassion and good service is Krypton Knight to Apothis and SETH

Shakey’s has Krypton Knight and loving service like MAX Chick KEN House

of them the best dick is the Manager of MAX who wed me

he threw my white wedding bells away and the garbage man took them

of course White Americans need to be trashed and rashed and ashed

there old women hog empty houses smoking and sipping cocktails

at Shakey’s and Spanky’s Pizza we prefer to shake our ass as you spank us


4 thoughts on “Elohim Commissions Moor help at MAX Restaurant

  1. i cum mission Nap Paul lees pizza clerks to pacify bitchy women by licking their ass
    at Nap Paul Lee we watch Bruce Lee movies as we hump Bruce’s sisters
    Antico Pizza Napoletana is where we NAP after pole dancers rub their tan ass on US
    this is all manna and Eucharist like MAX Chick ken and Ziggurat Restaurant
    At Thai Orchid the runaway nun from Angor Water ran to Orono Maine
    i shall hire her again and bless her hands now and her lips and fill her with love
    Ann went to Anchor water it is a Titan Assyrian Mayan Irving Gas Station

  2. Elohim blesses Lumpia Wrappers in fill lip penis isles
    lump pia like the snake in the sacred baba tree and his giant lump of cum
    WRAPPERS and lappers of lapland should try to stuff some lumpia wraps with RAP
    RAP Stars exist to rap their balls into fans
    WRAP and RAP was invented by the click talk bucks and chick clickers in Africa
    i need the click talk chief and his hereditary garments and spears
    i shall upgrade Lumpia Wrappers and Rap Stars and Pia

  3. expand acceptable limits on 50 tribes on Earth
    refine Jewish limits to 50 tribes
    refine Christian and Islamic parameters on 10 tribes
    expand growth rate of Jail Tribe by 10,000 percent
    expand the Vegan Mayan Titan and Assyrian and Vegetarian tribes
    Cameli’s Gourmet Pizza Joint of Assyria and the Atlanta and Atilanta Rutting grounds –
    they must stop smoking joints and all joints shall be closed in 7 weeks
    Establishments may replace joints and the World shall dis appear into hell
    Camel jockeys in Georgia having orgies shall stop smoking hookah
    there is no benefit to a hookah if you want to smoke pot
    you simply must fuck AZIZ Samir and Burley or Stefan of Bulgaria
    Smoking a hookah becomes unnecessary if you shoot from the dick of a Mason

  4. i shall take the baby inside me and place it inside a 7 year old woman now and hide it in a Maine German and i shall increase my testosterone and become a man again and i shall keep gay men pregnant and increase their breasts by 22 times their weight

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