Wesley Writes a Prayer

Wesley Writes a Prayer

cut mine enemies in half then give me super glue

let me curb kick the skulls of mine enemies then reverse the film

give me nintendo and nine daughters of every doe in ninevah

let captain jeff hook be gentle with the virgin brides who need to fuck

send me busy zen teen scribes so i can speak into 300 recorders 

interpret all i say into 300 languages instantly and award me 33 TV sets

run ticker tapes so i can use my Asgard genes in the matrix and i need more interface devices to manipulate the matrix with my 10 toes and 10 fingers and wire me up to probe devices

i demand acupuncture needles tied into the maine frame of my matrixis

send me blood takers

send me many knights to command for eternity

let me mind fuck the enemies of God until they fall asleep like a baby

burst my enemies into fire then fuck their ass and box their ears

send me 50 demon slayers to gun down people refusing to pray in school

release Tims to fuck the ass of the children of proud vain bitches who smoke


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