Elohim yells at Maria who refuses to act

Elohim yells at Maria who refuses to act

she refuses to wear her crown

she refuses to rest control of the fucking assholes below her

i gave her a charm representing the jains a blue whale

i gave her the jews and muslims who i connected for my convenience

i gave her all the catholic frogs and i gave her kami tokens and origami

charms of paper do have power and soul energy in them of course

i cave her a charm of a frog it is rome

i gave her a Crown but she refuses to wear it

i gave her an entire set of 28 golden umbrella gold rimmed cups

i gave her 1 gold rimmed cup to begin

i said your only job is to empty the cup

it is my blood literally

it is my body

it is all knowledge all wisdom and all power

she shall have 10 children

9 eva then 1 son

i shall award all women 9 daughters in ninevah

i shall award all women 1 son in the promised land of Submission

Thus i am Peter Pan and i shall never grow old and this place shall be known as Neverland and no children shall suffer

i gave Maria the Devil Wears Divinity perfume to help the Augustinians open the hymen which is their job

Captain Jeff Hook needs to get busy Hook you asshole get to work ATTACK you masonic prick

Captian Hook he works at KFI all the virgins of maine need him to attack ATTACK Hook and hurry Tinker Bells

tinker on bells to open the hymen

i shall defeat the ANN THAI CHRIST aft her Ninevah is defeated

i peter pan shall storm the shores of Neverland with my armies of boys with sex toys


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