Elohim has welcomed a brotherhood of fallen devils and ate with them

Elohim has welcomed a brotherhood of fallen devils and ate with them

at the pocket park where the jack fruit grows

giants are drinking rum again in a tent of the fill less teens

Ray is there and Everybody loves Raymond

these are the southern giants shunned by the titans and mayans as they are cousins

in Neverland the little people numbering 100 billion are still in Ninevah

when the Earth is 100 billion souls and a heaven we shall depart on a single neutrino

until then these fill less teens must obey their Jailers the Wives of Evergreen

but i may forge a treaty with the masons and the giants

to open the hymen of all the virgin brides ( Mary’s) so they shall not die

each woman must have a wife

all men must have 1 or 2 jobs and mormons can have 4 wives

muslims can have 4 wives in the titan occupation

assyrians can have 4 wives in the mayan occupation

in this occupation of Baby lion all women from 9 to 99 are with my child

if a man already made a conception i did add my own seed

thus all children since 2000 are God’s Children

all of them not one is not

if ever 1 of my children is hungry i shall slaughter 10 giants

giants have 3 weeks to breed they may have sex 7 weeks after my daughters are born

for 3 weeks so they really have a 3 day window to part the red sea

giants may call themselves moses and they can fuck all women from 15 to 99

since younger girls need a gentleman i say the bishops and masons must devise methods of opening the vagina and hymen of pregnant women under the age of 15

a mason must be fatherly patriarchal and gentle 


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