Rama returns and the White elephant makes 10,000

rama shall free all thai coons and they shall now be called freemen

rodney dangerfield is free

spare the rod spoil the child

add Vance and sow ewe shall Advance Auto parts science and arts

billy goat mallett is CEO of Advance Auto parts with Nike hole his sister

if any Rodney King EVER hurts 1 Nicole he shall be surrounded by a KALI KANG

LASSIE is a story about the lover of KALI as Nicole is his consort lover and wife

Lassie the heroine is the bitch of Flash Gordan and the fantastic four skins

Flash Gordan is Missy Merrill she flashed Gordan and the War of Roses began Ainu

Melissa likes big dicks so Missy Roy and Flash Gordan fell in love with Am Beau lance drive hers

i told the frost giants of Russia if you run to Norway you shall be beat in the face with sticks

thus i invented stick fighting little John and chop sticks and Norway pines my toothpicks

i am paul bunny on and ewe are my pillows you pill popping punching bags

i stood on a mountain and had a dream

Hood Dairy Cream was dripping out of you

and i became a King



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