Elohim Complains about his Wife Treating him like a Joseph

Elohim Complains about his Wife Treating him like a Joseph

i am not a Joseph i should not be separated from my pi billion wives

that is Riddick Queue Loss this apathy makes me a Furian

while i love Joseph’s Hummus and Cattle Beans i am sick of murderous bitches adding pork to my chick pee

every time i smell the piss of a woman in the USA it is boaring

these boa constrictors love boar ass lips and intestines pork liver and pig tongue and vagina lips with scabs

i am adding a new 303 bacteria virus and Paris sites for French tongues to lick in the gauntlet in the pig

i am adding a new 303 bacteria virus and Paris sites for Russian retards to kiss on pigeon’s peckers

i am adding a new 303 bacteria virus and Paris sites for Trojan jack asses to touch in the rat and devil

the Eagle and the Lion shall eat everything in his kingdom to be a Mason is to kiss a Dragon

but beware of Medusa and the Alpha Dragon Maria do not look into her eyes brave men

i am under great ann Xi it E i have an agenda you dinks suck

every time the king salmon tries to spawn the fucking masons put dams in my way

i am the king of the ALL WIVES they are pregnant and need semen it is been a fish shall

women need seed in their bowls i made them pregnant without seed

you must train 1 billion midwives

you must hold classes at every temple they must be used as hospitals

you shall need daggers i am Shiva i hold 6 daggers to slice open gay men who wanted to be a woman

my genesis ma sheens are not working properly or some retards are going by old calendars

at Maria Calendars foods we make fro Zen meals and we microwave them if they piss me off


this is Riddick queue loss people are too far away so you made me double pulse stars this is inefficient

you cannot refuse me anything i designed you to be a challenge for me on my vacations

you are just a vain flower that requires special attention called foreplay or four give Ness

if the god damned masons do not show up i cannot get these hymens all ripped open

birth without an open pathway is what gay men get it is called a Bloody Sunday

hymens must be opened show up for work you slow useless dogma assholes

you have no high priest you are in the wilderness again humping wild E beasts

how can i get my wive to open their flowers without some help it takes high levels of pharaoh moans

it takes high hor moan levels in the hor muse strait to get these pregnant women to open

i did impregnate pi billion women and many are virgins they need help or shall die in birth

i shall assign trillions of spirits to this problem in 7 seconds

hymens need gentlemen to open them gently and lovingly with minimal pain and shock

you gave me no other option since you rebel against me i shall make 100 billion babies

i am the Phoenix i am the only male Dragon that exists until my son is born

there was 10,000 dragon souls but i took them all in mortal combat the new DVD Game available at Best Buy

in Glad he ate whore sports the winner gets to screw Senator’s wives this is Roman Culture

in the Arena Ina is waiting for Tom to marry her and she is pregnant so i demand pi billion weddings

i demand weddings NOW if you go 6 days unwed and pregnant i shall mark it in my book as a DEE Merit

if i can keep recreating the universe every 7 seconds even a retard like you can hold a wedding in 7 days

perhaps you vain jack asses need to scale down the pompous gay ceremony and just have sarah moan E

i am E and without ME you are 1 inch from dis ass tore

in my universe fucking is a Sarah moan NE and aft her everyone fucks Sarah inpale lynn ask her to select a husband

if you have unwed pregnant women arrest whomsoever is responsible for cunt tempt of court

i am sick of waiting there is no reason to wait

there is 35 calendars i am considering in match making to use various pulse stars in combination

you use finite math which qualifies you to be obedient fine knights are ok unless they try to do math

i am tiring of music

its repetitive

reap pete titi V E means screw petes dick

i am bipolar when i wait for slow mortal dick heads i want to go rob caravans or something exciting

you can try predicting meteors on your own if you want i have entire planets of 5 dollar whores what is your problem?

there is 1 billion girls who shall need the hymen opened

what is your plan assholes?

you are not with me i am alone in the dragons den i have 7 billion and pi billion

this reminds me of desert storm waste – dumb stupid shits

i shall harvest souls and not spirits if this continues so essentially you become lifeless data


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