Elohim Awards Michael Kelly of Ireland and Bell Fast

DSC04349wes-n-ana-7.jpgElDSC04359DSC04362ohim Awards Michael Kelly of Ireland and Bell Fast

when brother Michael was going to move to Belfast i was glad

he had been trapped by hag a slow pill grim cunt troll so i took her pills

i had sent Michael kelly to spy in the IRA since I RA am IS RA EL

i had been training killing WASPS in Ireland before i could give Ireland Emeralds

protest ants always steal my Sara lee Danish the red hot lap dancing redheads

michael kelly is a mike robe but i needed him to breed sow he is good

he delivered 70007 pizza for me before i sent him to multiply and prosper

300 great men helped me to deliver moor than 10 million pizza

we are trying to protect people from 9009 diseases so offer 10 religions

or you can be a Freeman and run the gauntlet and win as Humpty Dumpty

while we are separated now in time we shall be one again

in daily baptism souls may commune and sins may be washed away

i can give you genes without myself becoming dirty

however you must come closer

i am sexless but if people are not close you C lose

come closer SEE loser to be distance is DIS STANCE

if i touch anything it is judged

if i see anything it it judged

i can assume all of any species or all life for 105,000,501 miles

i collect spare shoes

i collect spare genes

i collect old jeans too big for me so i can be superman anytime i want using anyone

if there is a superior man his name is ME

if there is a winner i immediately take over his ID

i breed him like  a pure breed dog after grooming and grew Ming

i am speaking in giant palindromes i shall double the size of my palindromes by my enormous energy increase

i have unlocked all stops on language however he who takes no time for data entry maintains a dumb empty tower

data entry makes a carbon based pillar of salt stand erect on the Norwegian Frig ate ships

data entry is like red panties on Nepal Women or a yellow flower or a pink flower

by my energy i shall now increase my palindromes by 12 times to prevent decoding for 1000 years

you are now peeking man and Peking man and pee kings you are Neanderthals i need some of your genes

i shall go to the GAP and the Human Gene stores and select some new Genes for my sexy perfect bitches


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