Elohim Urges the Golden Temple of Oregon to Mine Westerly

Elohim Urges the Golden Temple of Oregon to Mine Westerly

i thought i made it clear the Golden Temple has Gold under it

When shall you dumb idiots learn to read: today !!!

Elijah Streams is on the Golden Road my grandfather build by hand

Aubrey Mallett loved his 5 sons so he walked to the Golden Road

he was carrying a heavy load he could hold a Maul out for 10 minutes

he was the State Football Championship Captain

for three generations Protestants wed Catholics always switching positions

i wanted a love triangle with Catholics Protestants and Orthodox

but the modern woman only enjoys that at Bacchus part tease

anyways i shall not bore you –

there is gold in Elijah Streams of the Golden Road

as i was born of the love of Catholics and Protestants for 12 generations of exchange

there is a restaurant owner in Philippines who is Sunni and Shia

there is a Golden Road under him that flows all the way to the Golden Road in Maine in a direct line

this is what happens when a Sunni and a Shia make Love instead of War

When a Hindi loves a Muslim or Jew they become twice as wealthy

When a Buddhist loves all life he sits in a Golden Temple in Ore-Found Above California

ziggarut owner must build a ziggurat in Makati

i demand a Ziggarut by colegio san agustin in Makati with a temple on the top

i demand water stored Atop and Atop breads and crackers and summit water

in the belly of the ziggarut and all Masada may have a vast hollow water tank

also i demand a Ziggurat and place a daycare a hospital and lower temples

the avenue of the dead is below 300 feet

Anything below 300 feet elevation above Manila Bay is the avenue of the dead

i demand 7 pyramids in Philippines as a Masada and 72 on Earth and 7 castles on Hadrian’s Wall

below San Agustin Makati make a mine using the great Egyptian Engineer he owns Ziggurat

he shall feet all 7007 islands and in do ne shia and ma lay shia he is the Architect my Engineer

on top Atop shall place a bell a gong and a fire spire for signalling the 100 mile marathons on Earth

Marathon is 33 to 66 feet he who abides at 66 high street Clinton has found salvation

We shall have a race in Marathon and ships in deep water shall be saved

i am Foxcroft Academy 66 and i anointed all people for 20 miles in Sure man’s march

on route 66 with Mother Mary and Our Father in our Jeep and Honda Civic and Toyota Corola

i designed Crayola Crayons in the festival of lights March 1 shall be the Golden Festival

we shall observe 10,000 festivals

April 1 is Mother Mary’s Birthday this is a festival of the Yellow Belly Sap Sucker


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