Elohim spares all mothers so he made all women mothers

wesmallett: i decided you can use your own judgement and i shall be patient with you but eventually you shall submit and my plan shall become final and peace
wesmallett: what are you doing i am on fire it is unfair you let a man be enraged in passion you are breaking a contract
wesmallett: but i shall wait
anastranger2003: i love u.hows ur sleep dear?
Last message received on 2/28 at 8:13 AM
wesmallett: i am fine i shall open the eye of ra and fry the brains and seed of all who defy me at 10 AM EST tell people hide for 4 days until sunday mass
wesmallett: people defy me i shall call them neanderthal tell them to hide in mines and caves i am a blinding light from the East i come quickly
wesmallett: it is a law jews shall cover their heads it is law women shall cover their skin or die unless my child is inside them


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