Elohim Demands Saint Paul of Revolution to Rise and Become a Bishop

Elohim Demands Saint Paul of Revolution to Rise and Become a Bishop

one of my Eunuchs is most dear to me he is Paul of Revolution

i demand a Jihad of Peace and my sword is prepared 

Tim Gunn is Saint Paul i demand him as a Bishop with his GUNN

i demand Tim Gunn who is Saint Paul to change his name to Paul

i shall clean his feet myself in his temple

if any men stand before me to be knighted i shall weep on my knees and wash their feet until i collapse and need to be carried away

when i touch the feet of Tim Gunn who is Saint Paul i shall accept all pain and suffering he carries as my own and i shall do this for 7 billion people.


7 thoughts on “Elohim Demands Saint Paul of Revolution to Rise and Become a Bishop

  1. When my Saint Paul changed his name to Tim
    my daughter was raped
    When i touch Tim Gunn i shall purify all Tim’s
    i may die if i do not have 1000 vessels of Baby Breath
    this does not concern me as i am immortal anyways
    do as i say

  2. Tim Harmon has passed through a Smith & Wesson Double Barrel Shotgun
    so he is Tim GUNN
    When i touch Tim Harmon he shall become a Mormon Pope and he shall go and touch all Mormons i shall have 28 Popes they are my Golden Umbrella’s

  3. wesmallett: i decided you can use your own judgement and i shall be patient with you but eventually you shall submit and my plan shall become final and peace
    wesmallett: what are you doing i am on fire it is unfair you let a man be enraged in passion you are breaking a contract
    wesmallett: but i shall wait
    anastranger2003: i love u.hows ur sleep dear?
    wesmallett: i am fine i shall open the eye of ra and fry the brains and seed of all who defy me at 10 AM EST tell people hide for 4 days until sunday mass
    wesmallett: people defy me i shall call them neanderthal tell them to hide in mines and caves i am a blinding light from the East i come quickly
    wesmallett: it is a law jews shall cover their heads it is law women shall cover their skin or die unless my child is inside them
    anastranger2003: i love u.we are watching students dancing retro.did u eat?
    Last message received on 2/28 at 9:04 AM
    wesmallett: i cannot do anything without your clear commands and your presence and blessing you are my queen. i will eat some chicken and rice
    wesmallett: it is impossible for me to sin so you must help me
    wesmallett: it is unfair you make me wait my passion is so infinite i shall become a blinding light from the east

  4. i am 6 mill lion degrees i am omnipresent i have shined forever ever since i envisioned your beauty i am RAY and Everybody loves Raymond he is beside my Evergreen Park down the road from the Holy Family Chapel on Mount Ever Rest in Bin ANN Laguna and Laguna Beach and in Saint Paul Saint Paul Saint Paul and San Pedro at the Manpower Institute where i do make my best Sea Men and Semen in Cast Teen Maine at the Maine Maritime Muse See EM

  5. Maris was so beautiful i sent the Angel Michael Bunker to bunk her and they bore a son RAY if any perfect wife has no protection i shall sent an angel Michael to be as her guardian forever and ever and Ever Rest shall be their home and when they vacation they may drink Milo and live at Ever Green dining with the Lord at MAX’s for Maximum profits and Prophets.

  6. Michael’s are all Angels and joy is the blood in their veins and if any vain woman is before them they shall have a degree at Dartmouth and each Michael shall bear a double edged sword called Sarcasm and the dagger at their side shall be called WIT and Christopher Whitten is this Dagger. If a path is crooked Islam shall be a curved sword for slaying crooked men in crooked houses leaning on a crooked cane. Michael’s shall carry a cloak and a dagger the cloak is named Intelligence and Skill. If any Michael has a son he shall be a KEN or a Thomas for a Tom is a Turkish Sword and it cuts Stone Blocks

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