Elohim becomes Shiva and beganns using Incantations & Cantles

Elohim becomes Shiva and beganns using Incantations & Cantles

i have begann use-sin-egg incantations die to the need to slaughter disobedient flesh

i said 1001 incantations to increase and in crease love i opened 100 trillion flowers

i opened 100 trillion apillary apiarry ovary wggs eggs ng sa sans and capillary

i said to the blind man who asked me where i was from

i said many names then i said india

i became blind when i became a pirate from india

i was riding the trade winds i became blind when i trespassed

my friend jeff became blind when he trespassed

i gave him my tears as i figured out why i was blind

i began to weep

so i rubbed my tears on my feet and legs and jeff wiped my tears away

all jeffs are in my service

all jeffs are teachers

so i gave jeff an orange before he did my massage

as your god i always pay you in advance

so when i ask for tithes or taxes which are the same

you shall not say that 10% is not mine

i already gave you life and air and water and 100% and a renew Abel lease

and a renew Abel work contract that is infinite

sow you shall as a jeff see and you shall not steal or trespass again

i told jeff starting today vitamin C shall allow all men to SEE

but this shall cost me my life

nothing is free

yet if i give my life i shall receive immortality 

i offer you the same agreement if you take a bullet for the smallest child

when you pray you shall not use the word i or me

i forbid the use of i or me when praying 

i forbid selfish cunts in the kingdom of God unless Saint John gives there rap pew dick cures by his dock tore rate in fucking

i give all Johns the ability to lick your ASS and a toilet shall be known as a JOHN



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