Apollo offers Manna

Apollo offers Manna

i am Jesus Christ and Apothis Carries i shall offer Hippocratic Oaths

under the oaths of Apothis Carries i shall point to Northern White Ceder Trees

this is for all Samurai Tricycle Drivers Templar Knights Short order cooks Painters Masons Carpenters and plumbers machinists presidents teachers and brick carryers and the sowers of cotton Pharaohs brick makers in vats of mud in egypt professors clerks kings athletes and chess players SEDER is for CEDER and its like and kind with 707 varieties of the CEDER tree the sprigs of green and the bark of the twigs spring is the best time to strip the ceder

spring forth whensoever i command within 7 seconds or suffering shall continue

i am in the Continuuance and i am here to continue the line of gods in cunt in ewes

share the one bag of a shopper grasshoppers are your food

i am the Grasshopper King 

a grasshopper is not an insect pest a grasshopper is a prophet a bull Brahmic Food

anything a grasshopper eats shall be purified in a grasshopper

after i receive a clean seder

i shall demand a dirty seder which shall kill me

i shall consume all disease pain and suffering

i am thus the king grasshopper and all grasshoppers are manna

he who eats grasshoppers shall be cured of many ailments and diseases

locusts are your food it is okay if they eat wild dill they shall become medicine

corn worms are your food

termites are your food not the warrior class but the fat ab do men mighty ones

i shall fatten the best Canadian cops and ewe shall fuck away their fat

if a hindu man is fat this is to fuck my wives

if a russian man is fat ewe shall fuck away his fat

if any man is fat you shall fuck away his fat

do your job and sweep the floor

if any man is fat he is a reflection of the fucking he must and shall do

i demand women to seduce these fat men as they need cum

fat men can produce much moor cum than a skinny man

fat women can protect my babies

i shall want and will my daughters to grow fat now i shall use Nitrogen

Nitrogen and knight roe gene both shall fatten my wives

Nitrogen in the air i shall use nitrogen fixing bacteria in the digestive system

i shall activate nitrogen fixing MIKE ROBES now i have brought 100 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion pi microbes who are Holy Men from 10,000 of my worlds who completed Giza Class Pyramids sow i can be here today to mind fuck you so Ann’s Nipples shall be more sensitive in exactly 7 seconds


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