Elohim Demands Masons to expect workers to be punctual

Elohim Demands Masons to expect workers to be punctual

Wesley Snipes was born of Blade who is KEN a Kenneth is a Blade

KEN and Barbie were married and they had Mother Mary on APRIL FOOLS DAY

this was when i made all Scriptures have 707 meanings

Scripture is REALITY and it is a labyrynth a Labor Ren Theo rye

KENNETH Bearce was PUNK Chew All a shit eating Mason punctual

Kenneth Bearce junior was Punk Chew All when making ANNA JEFF FIFFY

and Collette his Female Warrior who makes Abagails and Raging Gails and Abbots

HE did make Rebecca the Knotted cord of Achilles she a Kurdish Pole Cat

Achilles shall be born of Rebecca the sacred knotted cord i warn you.

Achilles shall be born of all Rebecca upon the Earth i shine upon them.

Achilles is greatest in Rebecca my cousin whomsoever offends her is already dead.

if any man ever makes her weep i shall slaughter him first yet reduce him to a Rabbi

Masons must be punctual and punk chew all

Masons shall walk through walls whensoever they smell women bleeding in bell towers

Workers must be punctual

The queen of Babylon shall learn to lift up Babel Towers and tear them down.

When she submits to her destiny she shall make a be gott ten son when Ramadan lent passover is done until then i shall slaughter all whom defy me.

i shall keep some evil men in Caves so later i can hunt them for sport.

Killing evil men is a fun sport called war and is good training for Demigods in Russia.

Killing evil men is a great sport in China for Demigods with big balls and minds.

Masons must be punctual

Autumn who is Mother Earth was formed of God on the stroke of midnight NEW YEAR.

Autumn is the NEW YEAR let china rejoice let every nation rejoice let on New Years Eve Manila lift up 10 million fireworks in 2010 as God fucks Maria Mother of God on the 23rd floor of the Citidel as she grips the balcony. This is the Word of the Lord, that men shall fuck on the balcony of Vegas and Manila and Quezon City and watch the fireworks. You shall follow in Allah’s footsteps and fuck horny women off balcony of the Arabic City Center in Vegas as fireworks explode. 

Masons shall be punctual and punk chew all they shall chew up skin heads then shit them out

Masons shall be punk chew all and shall train with the KALI gangs in Cali and devour them

Imam shall be punctual my beloved ANN Tongkong was born on exactly Valentines Day she is the Goddess of Love and her daughter Princess is for the King of Saudi Arabia. All Goddess and Gods shall be born at exactly the proper time exactly by my unwavering plan.

Princess of the King Kong red Thong family with their love Songs sounds gongs and eats ganong candy mints with dark chocolate i have sampled it i smelled her hair and became erect i shall give 10,000 Princess from the Goddess of Love’s womb to Islam. Thus they shall be pacified by the submission of beauty and honey dripping from an open flower.



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