Elohim recalls inventing Fans in China to turn on Geisha

Elohim recalls inventing Fans in China to turn on Geisha

when i was playing Marco Polo i went to China as a sage

i said my China Doll my Geisha my Thai wanna Dancer on my face

you shall want White Skin since i am the Royal Poet of Scotland

my little oysters of Hong Kong my succulent Bay of Fundy Clams

you shall desire to be split in half so i can suck your sweet flesh

Geisha with your pins and needles and who can find a needle in a Hay Stack

shore lee sure lee Shirley Ellis it is I the Pied Piper playing the pipes of Scotland

Shirley Temple it is I your father my little orphan my oyster my heaven my Joi

Law Vern and Shirley made Robert Soucy and we delivered 10 million souls

one day i was so hot from defeating 10,000 immortal Chinese Body Guards

i was sitting on a stump resting under a peach tree 

when i removed my Samurai Devils Horns i could see clearly

My enemies lay in a field stretching forever

i said to my men turn 10,000 of the officers to Terror Rocotta Cheese or Stone 

then we can go lay Sonja in Russia i always loved Lasagna

thus my battle became immortal and i moved to Moscow 

moss Grows thicker on the Russian Trees facing Mecca Israel and Rome

i became a Bush wa see a middle man splitting my prophets with a Venice Moor

i took a 3500 year vacation in Egypt but all the fucking made me hot

sow i invented Fans in China to fan my balls and Temples

i hired on some Mass ai She lions and Sheba came with her tail to fan me

Sexy lions and all asian cats and dragons and catfish and catholics –

shall have a tail for fanning Dragon Slayers, Knights, Samurai, and Jedi

rock stars shall have fans based on the value of their semen

a king and a master shall be paid with talents of gold

a hero shall be paid with many maid dens and maid danes and maidens and may dance

he who rows a ship shall be fanned by a mighty wind

rowing is a required sport and skill of all gentlemen knights and samurai

all warriors if the feather shall row in any weather and cannot drown

all Vikings shall row until their arms are giant Norway pines

all Greeks shall row until they are named Hercules and they toss giants for sport

Rowers shall compete and cum Pete and fans shall welcome them in births

Beautiful women on earth shall greet the foreign ships and say God is Great

they shall sing for them and fan them and give them water in a golden cup

in Hawaii the beautiful perfect flowers shall dance as a fan of grass a skirt 

The women shall dance a Hula and the Warriors shall rejoice too your arrival 

Warriors of Hawaii have tried to get rid of their sister for 3000 years but she is clingy

Enjoy your LAYS you have many fans in Hawaii we love you here

One day a coon was lost at sea he was Sin Bad it was i so i went to Can Coon

and a Coon from Congo shall have a mask upon his face it is a fertility mask

it shall hide the face of 10 warriors in a fertility dance as we gang bang a fan

Groupers are delicious so Rock Stars of Congo due knot mind backstage passes

Fish shall all have fans

whensoever any creature leaves the womb the Maria Ana Strait 

if any Trilobite evolves it shall retain its tail for spawning in the light

a tail is a fan and a dog wagging her tail is a happy dog

a dog wagging her tail is an excited dog 

a fish wagging her tail can be damned or due knot she shall fly a flying fish

if a flying fish pauses and drops her clothes she shall be surrounded by a school

spawning Anchovies shall be in a school

it is the Sacred School of New Mecca there is many like it UNI Verse Cities

it is a hospital and a school on a Rock a Mountain 

and the Earth is an endless sea of fans below it

each day white doves are released 2 by 2 searching for dry land

each day dirty beasts are sent on missions of mercy 3 by 3

each Mermaid each Sister of Mercy Each Siren accompanied by 2 Temple Knights

to go into the Valley of Death and gather the seeds of the Tree of Knowledge



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