Elohim Increases Arabic Coffee Enema in Hollywood

Elohim Increases Arabic Coffee Enema in Hollywood 

Arabic Coffee enema shall increase in Hollywood Liberal Democrats

this shall began in the year 2000 to increase the spunk of Assholes in horror movies

This was suggested by Saint Patrick who is Loki and the Sphinx and a Troll King

Elohim shall offer French Vanilla Arabic Coffee Enema in Algeria 

this is offered for men who skip the Call for prayers or the Church Bells

if anyone falls asleep during War and Peace i suggest an Espresso Enema

Greeks who get sleepy working only 10 hours a day may need an Arabic Enema

i am sick of assholes so shall increase coffee enema with Sumatra French Roast

Chase and Sand Born Arabic Coffee from Yemen may be pumped into your asshole

this may be just what you need to see the starving children at your feet

Chase and Sand Born Coffee Enema kits are a product of Saudi Arabia and Israel

many hollywood actors mock the lord so we offer a dis count for dire wrecked tores

we have 10 sized of tubes and 10 different colors for Columbian coffee enema

i drank 10 cups of coffee per day for 35 years to alter my DNA to be a mother fucker

this is not for Mormons as it lowers sperm count butt it might be for you Asshole


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