Elohim Chastises Michael Moore

Elohim Chastises Michael Moore

The Moore family raped Mother Teresa Ann Moore I know the Moore’s

Piano Players from frigid nurses who refuse to submit are in grave danger

A woman who half submits is often beaten to death by Michael Moore

if he does not use his fists he uses words that kill and can snap a tree in half

Here’s to you Mrs Robinson Jesus holds a place for those who suck cock and shut up

A napping Pole lion has a waterloo it is when you sit on Michael Moore’s face

or we can have war and have 10,000 wars until you suck Michael Moore’s dick

Rapists and Agnostics shall be tortured with fat polish sausages

Salmon Rush Die shall be awarded a triple bypass with kill ba saw

Mouthy polish assholes named Moore are subject to sodomy by Italian Sausages

Denny’s shall serve Michael Moore heart attacks and he shall be grateful

Michael Moore shall be happy and he shall be pacified with raw oysters and clams

Michael Moore shall eat Blue Crabs until they shut up and flip over and become a dog fish or a sea horse and wag their tail and jump over dams

A mill Lion heir owes me 4 Chevy Trucks heavy on the bed springs 

Michael Moore is a Michael my brother

i made it perfectly clear Mormons shall save and take 4 wives

i did not say you can love a constitution more than your God

you shall love me more than your nation or creed or country or constitution

you shall save 4 island virgins or used napkins 

Napping pole lions may recycle used NAPP KINS

the rag head bitches of Orange County and New Jersey

why not shut the fuck up Michael and eat some pussy

Michael my brother i said Mormons shall have 4 bitches

where did the Confusion come in George Washington did chop down 4 cherry trees

Ben jam in Frank line did eat a do zen eggs and corner 4 French Whores

he did eat many French Crepes and Crullers and Sara Lee Danish

Thomas Jefferson did eat 4 dishes of Black Raspberry Breyer’s Ice Cream

Martin Luther King took 4 women in his life what is your problem ASSHOLE

if you want to Quote Freemasons you need to move your dick 1 inch lower

if you want to Quote Freemasons you need to take off your Trojan Armor




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