Christ Wesley Takes Ann Tongkong by Immaculate Conception

Birkat haCohanim

Yevarechecha Adonai veyishmerecha 
Ya’er Adonai panav elecha, vychuneka 
Yisa Adoani panav elecha vayasem lecha shalom 
Vayasem lechach, yasem lecha shalom

Blessing of the Cohanim

Ado-nai bless you and keep (guard) you; 
Ado-nai make His face shine upon you 
And be gracious (show favor unto you) to you; 
The Lord lift up His countenance (raise up his face) upon you 
And give you shalom 
And give you, give you shalom


2 thoughts on “Christ Wesley Takes Ann Tongkong by Immaculate Conception

  1. Breath deeply Mayans breath deeply selah
    Gasp for breath Titans fill with passion Titans
    Breath of life; breath of life flow yes flow
    sickness leave the Earth sickness leave the Earth
    flower grow flower grow water flow water flow
    Sun rise Son rise float on still water float
    How warm is this heaven how warm
    in the Center of the Milky Way
    Evergreen Evergreen Endless Love
    Everrest Everrest floating clouds of love
    Breath deeply you are my life you are and i am

  2. Himalaya your every high peak is mine
    you were in the bottom of the sea
    i lifted you up and adorned you with a green skirt
    i softly placed a white veil upon your head
    i shined upon you and rivers of joy flowed down your cheeks
    Himalaya there is no mountain of thing
    that makes me higher than when i am with you
    Himalaya when i climb you it is a pilgrimage
    i shed my dirty garments and become as white as snow
    i begin to glow Himalaya you make me ever rest full
    Himalaya you lifted me from the turbulent sea of despair
    Himalaya the salt on your neck shall enlighten mortals
    You are my Tibet Himalaya you are my Holy City
    My Creator Himalaya i am your Nepal you make me Holy
    As you walk i walk and we walk on water holy water
    You are as a vessel of love Himalaya
    They sing and the water flows

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