Elohim Professes His Love For Botswana Swans Titans and Mayans

Elohim Professes His Love For Botswana Swans Titans and Mayans

of my 1000 sons Botswana is one of my favorites i am Solomon

Tell my son to fetch me my sacred fish basket and a dry gourd for my water

Tell the lions that their king has returned 

Tell the Cheetah she is no longer the fastest girl in Africa

i Bought a Swan named Ana

the Swan i bought named Ana can fly 35053 feet high in the upper heaven

when the sky falls the Swans of Botswana shall stand on a mountain laughing

or they shall fly up into the upper heaven on the backs of swans

i also have some white and black doves in Botswana who can fly 35053 feet

i wanna le fat she la bots ana but she is busy 

send help

i demand Russia to go to a dance sonia must go to Botswana 

sonia of russia must plant 10  adansonia digitata

Botswana shall be an Eden Sonia Dig i ta ta 

send a fish basket i shall fill it and send back your king

send Queen She BA from Botswana and Bostwana shall rise from her depression

he who suffers shall feel joy

he who is hungry shall be full

he who is thirsty shall receive water

he who drinks from my well shall become immortal

the sick shall be healed

the blind shall see

the weak shall be made strong

he who leads in Botswana must first serve every human being

if the meek shall inherit the Earth they shall be filled with happiness

the sun is shining on Botswana

it is the son of man inviting you to his last supper


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