Elohim points to Alanna of Ukraine an Ann i Demand

Elohim points to Alanna of Ukraine an Ann i Demand

i am elohim and when i was in hell i defeated HAG Kelley of the Welsh Gremlins and Goblins

after Hag became a Victim of Tim’s intimidation she got fucked on Kelley Road

i was wounded but Victorious and made Mother Nature who is Autumn

then i went to the Bounty but there was a Mutiny there so i leveled it

George was manager of the Holiday Inn

he is George Mac Sam Mike a triple horned dragon from company A

his wife has gestational diabetes

Jest ai shun ala die a be tease is caused when a woman does not submit 100%

George MacSamMike is a triple blade gillette castle cryogenically treated raise sir

i am Blade Wesley Snipes and George Mac Sam Mike is a triple bladed Sword

this allows him to ride a 10 speed up mountains he is of a Mountain Unit

i shall take my pills

all Monkey Negative women are Mary Genome

i shall take all Bloody Mary and Maria Makiling of the Bloody Ma Killing tribe

in 7 seconds all Bloody Mary shall be with child 

from 9 to 99 years of age all Mary 

Mayans and Titans shall shun the Bloody Mary Tribe

gene E Allah G records must be kept

i shall not touch any Bloody Mary Tribe people for 353 generations

they shall be banished to islands after i wipe them bare

thus they inherit the lands of the people their racism targeted 

whomsoever uses birth control i shall make pregnant 

if i am not fed i shall begin making men pregnant and consume them

they shall began growing an ovary

if any man is not a father i shall make him a mother

and he shall die being cut open 

as seen in MAD MAX

being me MAX NOAH and 3 kings

or i shall make 10 million men my bitches and make them pregnant

i am the Lord and you shall obey or become my bitch



2 thoughts on “Elohim points to Alanna of Ukraine an Ann i Demand

  1. there was a mary kay sales woman
    i made her hair fall out in she noble
    as she defied me
    she has a daughter
    they lived in Talmar Woods
    she is mine she is radiation resistant
    bring her to me less i rebuild her and melt down
    All ANNA are mine all mayans are mine all of them

  2. i am impatient i shall extend pregnancy to 20 million men
    if a man has tied his tubes he shall be pregnant in 7 seconds
    30 million men are now pregnant as they had vagina envy
    ask and you shall receive
    prepare teams of surgeons the 30 million male bitches
    they shall give birth in 1 week you shall need to employ all butchers
    you shall need all butchers to be trained to do C sections in men
    there is low probability they shall survive birthing my sons

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