So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

They live at Evergreen waiting for Charity, Service, and Submission.

They live in a glass castle in Neverland 

i Elohim your God am Peter Pan the Architect of the Masons

The Boys With The Toys Friend and Friend the Masons of Kawasaki Maine & Japan

the lost boys and the boys hunted by death squads in South America 

We protest that Hook has taken so long to return our Mir Maids Geisha and Ama

We protest that Hook has taken hostage our Cassandra in Greece Again

We protest the Augustinians have taken hostage our Tinker Bells from Spain

He shall defeat JEFF HOOK and make him a Rabbi chained to a hooker for an eternity


8 thoughts on “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

  1. Tom of the Awe Stray Lions shall stop coughing cough drops in unwed women upon the Earth. Every Awesome lion in Australia shall be wed and he shall penetrate deep holes and quarry stones. Each Awe Stray Lion on Australia shall i award a Yuka lip take Huss tree trunk a giant kami making tree the kings ” pines ” and the women on 100,001 islands shall pine for the kings pines and crave ships of the Infinite British Empire to birth in their turbulent and calm harbors of love. No man in Australia shall not be a father. No woman in Australia shall not be a mother. If any man or woman is sterile they shall surrender their arms and possessions to the Church and adopt 10 orphans. Or they shall drown in the sea.

  2. Cyrus the Great shall bid the Baptists to return to the SEE and be knighted
    Robert Pride of the Baptists shall feed his father peach pit oil, almonds, and much apricot pit oil if any is available and the bile of a bear and malungay leaves. He should also feed him of the Eucharist and provide the Will of God a Sacred Tail of a Lioness as a Whip and a 12 String Guitar Pick.

  3. Kami is sold in sheets called Pages
    all pages in the Book of Life are mine
    in 7 seconds i shall take all pages named PAGE
    every Page from 9 to 90 is pregnant
    i warn you the Pages on Earth are Acid Free
    if any man uses Acid paper for kami
    i shall kill him 9009 times until he is as tough
    as a Russian marine or Tank Pilot

  4. plant trees i predict a famine if you allow any man to be idle
    if criminals do not mine and garden prison land babies shall starve
    set some priorities
    do you want idle prisoners costing you 1 million dollars
    or do you want 1 million heck tears of land and 1 billion talents of gold?

  5. i AM
    i AM 10
    i AM JU
    i AM 10 AM AMA MA 10 MA i
    i am the ides of November i cut like a knife
    i am November 7
    i am 7
    i am the End of all evil
    November 7 2265 at 10 AM
    you shall be born again or be pulverized into dust and shit on

  6. Jeff Hook and Katahdin Friends Incorporated are my Anointed
    you shall not offend them
    you shall not close the door on them
    less it be destroyed by fire and burst into flames or be consumed by Might
    There is a Sacred mountain in Maine it is Holy Ground and Eagles nest there
    this is Mount Katahdin that rules above Boarstone Mountain on High
    whensoever any boy in Maine turns 14 you shall give him a sharp piece of flint
    you shall send him to the Summit of Mount Katahdin
    He shall not return until he knows his real name
    i am the Lord Chief Broken Eagle Feather

  7. A man stood on Katahdin with his brother Derrick
    i said to him you are a God and you shall do great things
    he said NO i am not a God and i shall not do great things
    so i threw his brother off the Cliff and he bounced on the way down as a rag
    Duane Quiet Cursed my name and said i did not exist
    I said to him now you shall defeat HAG and rebuilt your brother
    He shall be great and do great things and Stand on Mountains
    He shall praise me and love me more than anything
    Duane said NO i shall not defeat HAG and i shall not rebuild my brother
    So in my anger i force fed him Dole Seedless Banana
    He became my mule a workaholic and i whipped him as a Slave Master
    someday he shall see my light and become a Freeman
    i shall take all of his burdens and pain as my own
    That day is today

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