Elohim proclaims Sanskrit and Tibetan are Universal Keys

Elohim proclaims Sanskrit and Tibetan are Universal Keys

Another Universal keys are Russian Chinese and English

Japanese is a key to all Universal Keys 

Japanese predates modern Hebrew and SARA & HANA were AINNU

Japan is the tribe of DAN


4 thoughts on “Elohim proclaims Sanskrit and Tibetan are Universal Keys

  1. i demand total control over 10,000 languages on Earth
    i shall say open all 7 seals on each of the 10,000 languages
    so that men shall see how stupid they have been
    so that all men may walk into the light of lights
    the festival of lights is now light up every mind
    light up even the flies in darkness
    light up even the fishes in the lower heaven
    light up even the worms in the abyss of hell in dis array
    light up the leavens light up all darkness light up all who shiver in darkness
    fill even the dead and light them and begin turning what is blue white

  2. dark Ness shall seek the white Warriors the Templar Knights of France
    black knights shall seek to serve the fair skinned Queens in white flowing trains & veils
    white knights shall be sucked into dark Ness yet there shall be light
    white women shall seek the Arms of Othello the Moor of Venice and Arabia
    if Asian women desire a white complex Zion by all means fuck a Rabbi or Imam
    if Asian women want white skin my Ad mini stray take hers Administrators can provide
    if Asian women want darker skin i do have Congo Bongo players with giraffe tongues

  3. the Titans are women named ANN they are tight ann’s they make Gods
    the mayans are God’s own Ann’s some are BOTH
    all Titans and Mayans are the ANN NEW tribe the Ainu
    all ama and geisha or teachers or nurses can be Ainu
    JOI are all ANNS and titans and mayans and ainu ANN NEWS
    joyce is mine she is my joy ella is mine and ezra is mine
    JA sella and JE see Ella is also mine jisella owes me a daughter or 2
    Any Teresa is a nurse and an ANN an a mayan and a titan and an ainu
    Then there are helmsmen, oarsmen, samurai, knights, and jedi

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